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AWARENESS: It is through awareness that you begin to ascend in consciousness towards your True Self. The height of self-awareness is to know you are a Divine Being having a human experience, and whose experience is a projection of consciousness.

BALANCE: Seek dynamic balance in all that you think, say and do. Balance that is dynamic is not static—it gracefully dances around the center point of the opposite extremes. To be out of balance is to be out of control. Live by the Delphic Maxim ‘nothing in excess’.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Everything is alive with consciousness but not everything is aware of its consciousness. Human beings have the capacity to become conscious rather than remain mere automatons of the subconscious mind. Be the conscious guide of your inner world.

DETACHMENT: Detachment is the willingness to live joyfully in the present moment while also being certain of the manifestation of the desires you persistently imagine, knowing your reality is a mirror of your consciousness. Faith is the route to detachment.

EMOTION: Your emotions determine your vibration. What you are feeling is what you are attracting, what you are bringing into the 3D experience of your consciousness. Endeavour to maintain an inner state of being founded in joy, faith and courage. Avoid the extremes.

FAITH: Faith is the 'evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for'. Have faith that your desire already exists as a possible version of your reality, as all versions do. And that through persistent imagination, what you desire must come to pass by Law.

GRATITUDE: Gratitude is a graceful attitude of giving thanks. Be grateful for everything you have, including the desires upon which you have focussed your imagination but have yet to manifest in the 3D world. Believe you have already received them and you will.

HEAVEN: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. All you can ever desire is possible through the power of your imagination. To claim authority over your Inner Kingdom, you must deny your role as the pauper and remember your rightful seat as King.

IMAGINATION: Your imagination is the mental canvas upon which you conceive your life before it happens. You experience what you imagine and accept as true. So imagine a life filled with all that you wish to experience and assume the state of your wish fulfilled.

JOY: Being joyful is the most fertile soil in which you can plant your imaginal seeds that will give rise to your desires in your 3D world. Happiness is a temporary reaction to an outside event whereas joy is an inner state of being that cannot be disturbed by outside events.

KNOW THYSELF: 'Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the Gods and of the Universe'. To know yourself has nothing to do with your personality. It is to know your True Self that's above the 3D world in degree of consciousness and so has direction over it.

LOVE: Absolute Love is the nature of The All or God of which you are a Divine Spark. It is also your true nature, that of your True Self. Absolute Love does not discriminate between what is loved and what is not loved, it has no opposite. You are always loved absolutely.

MIND: Mind is the underlying substance of the Universe—All is Mind. Your 3D physical experience is but a projection or illusion of your mind and it is through concentrated mental focus that you can change it. Mind power is not to be acquired. You already possess it.

NOW: Linear time is a 3D illusion. All possible past, present and future versions of reality already exist in the eternal NOW moment. You can access and focus on any possible version of your reality in your imagination. You can change the past and remember the future.

OPPOSITES: The opposites are different degrees of the same thing. What you desire and its opposite are the same, only different in degree of vibration. By steadfastly imagining your desire you can transmute your current unwanted circumstances into your desire.

PERSISTENCE: Persist in the assumption of your wish fulfilled. No matter what you see in the physical 3D world, deny it entry into the reality you have assumed for yourself. Remind yourself the physical 3D moment is just a projection of your past imaginings. Persist!

QUANTUM: In the words of Max Planck: "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness."

REALITY: The true nature of reality is not what you perceive with your physical senses. "Reality is an illusion albeit a persistent one" as Einstein said. To see behind the veil of the illusory nature of reality you must look and listen with the eyes and the ears of your mind.

SPIRIT: The Spiritual Plane is your True Home—the domain of your True Self, the Divine Spark of The All. When you remember you are the mighty I AM, no matter how distant it may seem right now, you will find that you never did leave Home. Reality is an illusion.

THOUGHT: Everything you perceive in the visible, outer world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts in the way of what you believe, assume, feel, imagine and think. Take great care of your mental diet and prescribe to thinking of the highest quality.

UNIVERSAL MIND: The All-Powerful Universal Mind is the Mind of The All, present everywhere at the same time and in Its entirety. Your mind, therefore, is Universal Mind in Its entirety. What you think, imagine and desire is what It thinks, imagines and desires.

VIBRATION: Everything visible and invisible is consciousness or mind vibrating at different rates. You experience the vibrational match of your inner self as 'like-vibration attracts like-vibration'. There's no judgement or preference involved, just matching vibrations.

WILL: Your true will belongs to your Higher Self. True will power is not the same as forceful self-control. True Will is a power that requires no force to be exerted in any direction. As the mighty I AM, all is already done in accordance with your will—'thy will be done'.

X-FACTOR: The X-factor of success is not reserved for the seemingly lucky or the special few. You have always had the potential for excellence within you. Create your own definition of success for your life and pursue it with persistence. Imagine it. Feel it. And Live it.

YOU: The Real You is a spiritual being having a human experience. A human experience that appears physically real to the you inside the experience, but to the Real You it is a projection of consciousness—a dream in which the dreamer can awaken while still dreaming.

ZZZ: Remember, you are dreaming. All possible versions of reality already exist timelessly. Close your eyes and imagine the one you want with no concern for the how! "Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream."



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