How to Use Your Imagination for Manifesting

Using Your Imagination when Manifesting

How to use your imagination effectively is key to living a life of excellence. It is also the second step in creative visualization, which is a technique for intentionally creating your own reality. The power of imagination is limitless. Imagination transforms your thoughts about your desire into mental images, scenes and feelings about that desire. To use your imagination effectively for creative visualization is about imagining whatever it is you want to experience in the 3D physical world as if it is already taking place in the present moment, not sometime in the future.

Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

The great physicist, Albert Einstein, had this to say about the power of imagination: "Imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand". "Logic", he added, "will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere... It is the preview of life's coming attractions". And indeed what you imagine persistently is a preview of what's to come.

How to Use Your Imagination for Visualization

It is simple to use your imagination once you know how to do so. When wanting to consciously impress your subconscious mind with a mental image or scene of your desire, it is important to first get into a state of relaxation both mentally and physically ahead of imagining what you want. Once you are in a relaxed state with your eyes closed, begin to calmly imagine a scene that implies your desire fulfilled in the present 3D moment. Be specific and be precise about what you imagine.

Focus on What You Want with Your Imagination

This might sound obvious but when using your imagination, you must focus on what you want rather than on what you do not want. This is because the human mind works primarily with images or concepts thereof. If I tell you "do not think of a pink elephant on stilts" then a pink elephant on stilts is probably what you are thinking of right now. The subconscious mind does not conceptualise negatives such as 'not this' or 'do not'. So use your imagination to see yourself in a happy relationship rather than 'not being' lonely. Imagine a scene where you are living an abundant life, not a scene of 'not having' debt. Put simply, imagine a scene that implies you have what you desire and forget what you don't want.

Imagine the Outcome of Your Wish Fulfilled

When imagining what you want to create in your life, you must use your imagination to imagine a scene that implies you already have the outcome you want. Do not imagine the process of getting there. For instance, if you want to purchase a new home in your desired area, imagine living in that house and how you would feel entertaining your family and friends in your new home.

There is no need to imagine the in-between steps such as the real estate agent calling you, or how you are going to acquire the necessary funds—imagine yourself already living in the house! Do not worry about how something is going to come about. If you could see the how, you would probably already have it. Leave the in-between events wholly in the hands of Universal Mind—the Mind of the Absolute—that is one and the same with your mind in Its entirety.

Use Your Imagination in the Present Moment

When you use your imagination for creative visualization or manifesting, always imagine your intended outcome in the present moment. Imagine yourself already being, doing and having what you want to experience now. By imagining that you're experiencing your desire in the present moment, you are programming your subconscious mind to create the new mental images you are impressing it with. In contrast, by keeping your mental scenes in the future, your desires will stay there—in the future and just out of reach. When you imagine something in the present moment it is instantaneously created in the Spiritual Plane and will in time materialise in the denser 3D Physical Plane courtesy of the conscious creation process.

First-Person vs Movie-Viewing Perspective

The ideal way to use your imagination when imagining your desires for creative visualization is from a first-person perspective. This means to be the version of you in the scene that you're imagining, in the same way that you are you in 3D reality. You do not see your whole body, but rather only your hands and those parts of your body that are visible to your eyes. If experiencing your mental scenes in the first person proves challenging, then go ahead and imagine the scene as if watching yourself having the experience in a movie. In time you can learn to 'project' your consciousness into the scene and be the person in the scene but it is not necessary. Bear in mind when you use your imagination that it is how you feel that counts more than what you see.

When What You Imagine Feels Foreign to You

You can also use the 'watching the movie' method if what you are imagining feels foreign to you. Or in other words, when you can't quite believe that you are having the experience in the first-person or do not know what it would feel like. In this case, watch yourself having the experience as if from the outside and truly study the version of you in the scene, in the same way that you may study a movie character. The more you use your imagination in this way, the more familiar the version of you in the scene will become, and soon enough it will feel real to you. And then you can imagine the experience in first-person point-of-view. But again, how you feel counts more than what you see.

Have No Regard for Current Circumstances

Do not give your current unwanted 3D circumstances any room in your mental scenes when you use your imagination for creative visualization or even when just day-dreaming. Since everything is a projection of your consciousness, then why would you focus on your current projections when they are just shadows of the mind, and more specifically shadows of your past mental imaginings? The way to change what you are currently experiencing is to use your imagination to mentally visualize what you desire to experience with no concern for how things will change or for current 3D details that cause you to have doubt.

It is your inner world that is the cause of your outer world, so to change your outer world you must remain faithful to what you imagine in the inner world, and as much as possible ignore the outer or at least stop giving it so much attention. Think of paying attention, as paying for whatever you are giving your attention to and hence receiving it.

Imagining in the Face of Resistance

When what you desire is contradicted by a subconscious negative belief, you may find that your limiting belief creates resistance to what you are imagining, whether you realise it or not. We may believe that everything is possible and that is true for the Omnipotence of Universal Mind, but your core beliefs are the foundation of what you believe is probable for you, and it is the probable that usually happens. Your negative core beliefs are the reason why your circumstances may remain the same despite your persistent efforts to use your imagination otherwise, more so given the interplay between your negative beliefs and the Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Polarity.

Use Your Imagination to Bypass Negative Beliefs

You can identify your core beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind to change the negative beliefs or else create new positive beliefs. But you do not have to wait to reprogram the subconscious mind before manifesting your desires. There is a rather simple technique you can use in the meantime to bypass your existing negative beliefs when imagining your desires. Imagine something that is a by-product of what you desire but not specifically your desire. In other words, use your imagination to visualize a scene that is not contradicted by a negative belief but, that in order to experience it, you must also have what you actually desire.


A Word on Mental Imagery and Aphantasia

While the terms imagination and creative visualization both suggest something that is visual or can be seen, some people cannot create mental images in their mind's eye, or at least struggle to do so or don't know how. This has recently been named Aphantasia. If you cannot see mental images, this does not mean you cannot imagine what you desire. You are imagining all the time, perhaps not visually, but you are certainly imagining even if just conceptually. The aim of visualization is to use your imagination to get you into the feeling of already having whatever it is you desire.

Admittedly, the ability to see mental images makes it easier to 'feel it real' and to keep your attention on whatever you are visualizing. However, it may come at the price of having to train your mind not to see unwanted images. Nevertheless, if you cannot visualise or conjure mental images, rest assured that you can still use your imagination for what you want and with equal results. Moreover, the ability to see mental images can be learnt with practice in most cases, if you want. Either way, your visualizations by no means need to match the clarity of a vivid dream or 3D movie experience. Do not try to force yourself to see something. It's what you feel that ultimately determines your vibration and hence what you create or attract.

With this in mind, once you have learnt how to relax your mind and how to use your imagination to visualize your desires you can move on to the third step in the creative visualization process: Feeling is the Secret to Manifesting Anything.


In a nutshell, the second step in the creative visualization process is learning how to effectively use your imagination for manifesting your desires. In a relaxed state of mind and body, imagine a scene that implies that you have what you want to experience in the present moment. See yourself experiencing whatever it is you desire in first-person point-of-view, or alternatively imagine yourself having the experience as if watching a movie. Either way, imagine only the outcome you want and remain faithful to that scene with no concern for current unwanted 3D circumstances. And know that what you imagine, whether visually or conceptually, is what determines how you feel and it is the feeling that determines what you attract. "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions" as Albert Einstein said, so use it wisely.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 8 November 2010
Last Updated: 15 January 2021


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