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These articles are on the Universal Laws that govern everything and everyone, both visible and invisible, along unconscious lines. Here you will learn about the seven Hermetic Laws, as well as other Principles and Laws such as the Law of Attraction, and how they come to affect your inner and outer circumstances, both wanted and unwanted. The Laws are fundamental to your power to direct your mind, and so, to create the life that you desire. The Laws seek neither to punish nor reward you—they are your impersonal guides.


Click on the heading of any Universal Laws Article below to read it in full. If reading them for the first time, I suggest starting at the bottom.

Emotion Rhythm icon

Understanding Emotions with the Universal Laws: Learn to manage your emotions rather than being swept up in their changes. Opposite emotions are inseparable—the one brings the other courtesy of the Laws of Polarity and Rhythm. Positive emotions lift you higher, negative emotions push you lower and any emotion expressed extremely swings the other way.

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Your Negative Beliefs and the Universal Laws: Your beliefs are the blueprint of your experience of reality. Discover why despite your efforts to focus on your desires, your unchecked negative beliefs attract more of their implicit unwanted circumstances through the Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Polarity.

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What is The Law of Attraction?: Every area of your life is influenced by this great Universal Law that 'like-vibration attracts like-vibration'. Through the Law of Attraction you attract what you are in vibrational harmony with, not what you long for or deserve. There is no judgement call—the Univesal Laws is the messenger while your inner world determines the message.

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The Seven Universal Laws Explained: There are seven Universal Laws or Principles by which everything and everyone in the Universe is governed, including every area of your life inwardly and outwardly. Once you understand, apply and align yourself with the seven Hermetic Laws of Hermes Trismegistus, you'll experience great transformation as an individual.

Quotes about the Universal laws

"The Principles of the Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open... He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery."—The Kybalion

"What are the sciences but maps of universal laws, and universal laws but the channels of universal power; and universal power but the outgoings of a universal mind?"—Edward Thomson

“The mind has a definite way of clothing one's thoughts in appropriate physical equivalents. Think in terms of poverty and you will live in poverty. Think in terms of opulence and you will attract opulence. Through the eternal law of harmonious attraction, one's thoughts always clothe themselves in material things appropriate unto their nature.”—Napolean Hill


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