The Unified Field

Excerpts from Chapter 9: The Universal Mind
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Unified Field: If you could see reality for what it is according to the implications of Quantum Theory, rather than what you experience it to be through your physical senses, it would look more like the interference you see on the screen of an un-tuned television. This can be likened to a vast sea of vibrating or pulsating energy, also known as the Unified Field, which itself can be likened to the infinite potentiality of Universal Mind. It is made up of an infinite number of so-called information packets, which can be thought of as containing data, analogous to a mental image or a set of mental instructions, which are actualised into form either unconsciously or under conscious direction.

Universal Mind, through its inherent intelligence and through its mind centres, which includes your mind, processes the information stored in the information packets and transforms it into visible form in the physical Universe. You are part of the Unified Field and are communicating with it mentally at every moment. In fact, you can think of yourself as living in two worlds simultaneously - in the visible world of actualised things and in the invisible world of pure potential information. Every thought you have, whether consciously or not, sends a specific thought wave into the Unified Field, which resonates with those information packets matching the contents and frequency of your thoughts. In this way, under the right conditions, you direct Universal Mind to transform the data inherent in those invisible information packets that you mentally resonate with, into physical world form. In staying with the metaphor of the underlying nature of reality being akin to an un-tuned channel on your television, we can say that your thoughts determine what channel you tune into, and hence what you see on your screen of reality. The remote control is your mind but, if you do not use it, your experience is then remotely controlled by the unconscious operations of the Universe.

No-Thing, Every-Thing, Some-Thing: Since Universal Mind contains all possibilities, it remains unchanged in Its essence. The only thing that changes is the reflections of the One Universal Mind in the physical outer world, in response to the information packets that It is instructed to transform into form through thinking. One can say therefore, where The Absolute is 'No-Thing', Universal Mind is 'Every-Thing' and Its countless creations are 'Some-Thing', as in some things that have been actualised from the potential energy of everything. Think carefully of the following statement: Every-Thing comes from No-Thing, and Some-Thing comes from Every-Thing. This is how, through the medium of 'thinking', the One becomes the many that is experienced as separate things in the physical world, while always remaining the One.

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Chapter 9: Universal Mind

  • Universal Mind Defined
  • Degrees of Universal Consciousness
  • Consciousness Re-Visited
  • In Him We Live, and Move, and Have Our Being
  • Consciousness in Quantum Physics
  • The Unified Field
  • The Unified Field
  • The Creative Nature of Universal Mind
  • Unconscious Direction of Universal Mind
  • Conscious Direction of Universal Mind
  • The Creative Process
  • Impersonal
  • Subjective
  • Receptive
  • Impersonal
  • Intelligent
  • Without Limit


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