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The Adventure of I is one of the most complete, logical and practical books written about the power of the human mind, Universal Consciousness, the Laws and Principles of the Universe, and your ability to direct your mind and to create the life you desire accordingly. This book will take you on a journey to the very centre of your reality where you will discover the mighty I within, and in so doing, you will come to understand just what is meant by the greatest maxim of all time, inscribed on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece - 'Know Thyself'.

It is unlike other books on the subject in that it is founded on what is called Top-Down-Living, which is to live life from the higher vantage point of your Real Self. Only by raising your degree of consciousness above the Physical Plane of your physical experience and the Mental Plane of your thoughts, desires and emotions, can you have directive power over them. Trying to change your physical experience at the degree of consciousness of the physical you is akin to manipulating an already printed photograph and expecting the changes to be reflected when you print it out again from the original negative. The Adventure of I teaches you how to change the 'original' so as to create lasting change in your life.

The knowledge contained in The Adventure of I will grant you an unparalleled understanding of the underlying mental nature of the Universe and how your mind directs and creates your reality through It. Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Consciousness and mind power at the sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious levels.
  • Precisely why your mind, by definition, must be one and the same with the One Universal Mind of The Absolute in Its entirety.
  • Directly access the power of your Higher Self that is the Real You and the Omnipotence of the Universal Mind that is within you in its entirety.
  • Discover the masculine and feminine principles of your mind and how they work together, in opposing directions, for the same purpose that is creation.
  • The seven Universal Laws and other Principles that govern everything and everyone in the Universe, and how to use your knowledge of the Higher Laws to master the Lower Laws.
  • Transcend the influence of polarity and rhythm in your life. This is guaranteed to change your life.
  • Transform the repetitive circles of your life into an upward spiral to systematically raise the quality of your life rather than having the same experiences over and over again.
  • Learn the truth about desire. You will never look at your desires in the same way again.
  • How to consciously create your experience of reality, one desire at a time, under the direction of your will power and the inner knowing of your intuition with practical techniques and instructions.
  • Long-lost secrets about the true nature of the Universe and your central place within Omnipotence.
  • Powerful visualization methods and guided meditation techniques.
  • How to work with your mind rather than against it to rise above attachment and doubt.
  • Why outer resistance is what to expect when you set a goal and how to overcome, not resist it.
  • The incredible freedom found in letting nothing define you.
  • ...and much more!

When all is said and done, The Adventure of I will empower you to utter the most profound statement, 'I AM I', with full authority, and in so doing, you will become the master of your destiny.

Also from these Amazon stores:
Canada - Germany - France
Italy - Spain

Compatible with: Kindle, e-Reader,
Tablet, PC & Mac (non-printable)

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    12.  The Seven Universal Laws
    13.  Law 1: The Law of Mentalism
    14.  Law 2: The Law of Correspondence
    15.  Law 3: The Law of Vibration
    16.  Law 4: The Law of Polarity
    17.  Law 5: The Law of Rhythm
    18.  Law 6: The Law of Cause and Effect
    19.  Law 7: The Law of Gender
    20.  The Principle of Balance
    21.  The Law of Attraction
    22.  The Principle of Thought Power
    23.  Transmute and Transcend
    24.  Transmuting the Opposites
    25.  Transcending Rhythm
    26.  Reversing Causation
    27.  Mental Gender in Creation
    28.  Optimal Balance
    29.  Magnetic Thinking
    30.  A Reality of Two Worlds
    31.  Living from the I Within
    32.  The Power of Your Will
    33.  The Power of Your Intuition
    34.  The Power of Desire
    35.  The Power of Imagination
    36.  Taking Action, Dealing with Reaction
    37.  The Power of Meditation
    38.  Increasing Your Life Force
    39.  Mental Self-Protection
    40.  Visualisation
    41.  Auto-Suggestion
    42.  Mental Healing
    43.  The Power of Prayer
    44.  The Secret is Secrecy
    45.  The Master Formula for Life
    46.  Absolute Love
    47.  Freedom

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"I am grateful for the distillation of ancient knowledge, psychology and spirituality into a practical handbook that should be issued to every human at birth and worked through until a working knowledge of our inner creativity has been effectively obtained!"
Catherine Pearson - UK

"I love it. I always believed that we all, at some point need a 'life' manual. A manual on how to live life beautifully, wonderfully, to love life, to cherish life and to be grateful for it, because many just don't. Well, this is the manual!"
Jack Dani - Canada

"The most lucid, well written book on this subject that I have ever read. I have just finished reading it, and am looking forward to start re-reading it all over again as soon as I have written this review. I guarantee this book will become a 'Bible' to many."
Margot Atkinson - England

"This is an incredible book! I can't wait to finish it so I can start reading it all over again. I love, love, love it! Thank you Tania, for all your hard work compiling this book so I can take a short cut. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Kim, Canada

Editorial Review: 5 Stars "The Adventure of I could be one of the most important books you ever read. It opens readers up to a new way of thinking and an abundance of untapped power. This is not a power we can control or increase; it already exists within us but, like most things, if we do not know about it, it cannot be utilized. It is something we must discover. The author appears to have done a great deal of research and explains the topics so the layperson can easily understand them. There is so much more to this book than I can possibly cover in one short review, so I highly recommend you pick up a copy today."
Anne Boling for
Readers' Favorite

"The Adventure of I is so much more than just an amazing book. What I did not expect was that the book would literally transform me as though I was on a Journey. There is so much knowledge, wisdom, and guidance in the book that you will want to read and re-read the book as though it is a roadmap for your future. The author's writing style is so thorough and descriptive that you are able to fully grasp what would normally be difficult concepts to understand."
Mark Forman, United States

"Although I had read other books related to metaphysics, this one looked different and I yearned to set my eyes on it. Finally when it was out I was for a while in a dilemma on whether to purchase it or not. Long before I finished reading the book it had earned itself a treasured place in the list of the books that have profoundly made a mark in my life."
Murigi Wainaina, Kenya

"The content is compelling, engaging, and logical. The result is a view of the world that is comprehensive and believable. I am grateful that Tania has done much of the hard work on our behalf, by looking into existing wisdom, interpreting it, and offering a guide that will help us become directors of our lives."
Adiba Osmani, United Kindgom