The Absolute is the All

Excerpts from Chapter 8: The Absolute
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Empty Circle: While it is arguably not possible to represent the infinite nature of The Absolute by a single finite symbol, the most adequate symbol for it is the empty circle, with the proviso that no matter how wide the circle is drawn, there is always space beyond it to draw it infinitely wider. Indeed, the ancient symbol for The Absolute is the symbol of the empty circle. In contrast, the more commonly known mathematical symbol for infinity is a side-ways figure of 8. This is the symbol for the infinity of the manifested Universe and suggests by its shape an endless continuation of action and change, both of which presuppose space and time. This symbol therefore, does not apply to The Absolute because It is infinite, changeless, and above both space and time.

Infinite Space: Besides the empty circle as a symbol for The Absolute, the most adequate way to comprehend Its infinite nature intellectually is to think of It in terms of infinite space. Even though physical space is a physical limitation to which The Absolute is not constrained, it does still lend itself well to comprehending something that is infinite. In fact, a deeper consideration of space illustrates how infinite space unifies all things in the Universe, both outwards and inwards.

When you think about infinite space expanding outwards, it will become apparent that no matter how far out you go, beyond the boundaries of the Earth, beyond the Solar System, beyond the Milky Way and other galaxies, and beyond even the boundaries of the observable Universe, you will always find more space beyond that. There is therefore, no end to the outward expansion of infinite space.

The same applies to when you consider space from an inward perspective. While things in the physical Universe may appear to be solid, we know that this is just an illusion produced by our physical senses. The fact is that all ordinary matter, including you, this book, the air you breathe, the planets, the stars, and all the galaxies, are made up of atoms. An inward look into atoms shows them to be made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, between which there is mostly space. Indeed, more than 99.9% of an atom is made up of space, and this space continues to expand as we consider sub-atomic particles at the quantum level. Infinite space, therefore, is the most accurate concept available to us to comprehend the infinity of The Absolute.

The Absolute as Nothing: The Absolute is sometimes referred to as The Nothing. Although an unlikely term to describe something that is The All, its reasoning is sound. Since the Absolute existed before the creation of the Universe of things, It cannot be referred to as a thing. Something, therefore, that is not a thing is 'a nothing', with the literal meaning 'No Thing'. William Walker Atkinson defines the no-thingness of The Absolute as "the possibility of everything, yet without the limitations of thingness." Put another way, The Absolute is the Single Cause of all things but It is unconstrained by the limitation of things. This also underpins the saying 'from nothing, comes everything' and the Latin phrase creatio ex nihilo, meaning 'creation out of nothing'.

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Chapter 8: The Absolute

  • Comprehending The Absolute
  • The Empty Circle
  • Infinite Space
  • The Nature of The Absolute
  • Omnipresence
  • Omnipotence
  • Omniscience
  • The Absolute as Nothing
  • The True Meaning of Omnipresence
  • Evidence for The Absolute


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