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Readers Favorite Editorial Review: 5 Stars & Non-Fiction Gold Award 2014 — The Adventure of I could be one of the most important books you ever read. It opens readers up to a new way of thinking and an abundance of untapped power. This is not a power we can control or increase; it already exists within us but, like most things, if we do not know about it, it cannot be utilized. It is something we must discover. The author appears to have done a great deal of research and explains the topics so the layperson can easily understand them. There is so much more to this book than I can possibly cover in one short review, so I highly recommend you pick up a copy today. —Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite (August 2013)

This book has changed my life. I love it for the information given, but I also appreciate how well documented it is. I would read it again and again, just to make sure I haven't missed anything. I thank the author from the bottom of my heart and hope that I would also be blessed with such a wonderful gift as to influence other people's lives for the better. —Bianca, Romania

I acknowledge you Tania with a heart full of gratitude for your authorship of your inspiring book 'The Adventure of I'. It's obvious you have achieved this International Book Award because of your numerous years of research and study. I first came to know of the existence of the 'Adventure of I' in your website ' Mind your Reality '. At the time I was searching for information about the laws governing Nature and our lives. The Universal Laws sold the book to me. I found the first read difficult to understand. Gratefully I persevered and this remarkable book began to make SENSE to me. Now it is my Number ONE book. I pick it up almost daily and surprisingly I receive more and more insights. There is just so much to understand, absorb and think about in this amazing book. My next destination is the Temple of Apollo in Delphi Greece where this is written "Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the Universe. This is on my bucket list. Tania lays out clearly the pathway to becoming the master of our own individual lives. Creating our OWN destiny. I am so grateful for the opportunity of now owning a new way of thinking and a new set of beliefs and at the same time understanding together we are on the same Adventure of I. —Jim Lynch, New Zealand

This is my favorite book that I have ever read and will always be the most profound blessing that the Universe has ever gifted me. It is so rich in information but has struck the perfect balance with its delivery. Tania (The Absolute projecting through her) has not only structured this in a way that allows it to flow in a beautiful non-resistant fashion, but also her analogies and metaphors create relatable, semantical perspectives for the new student that engage the mind and give dimension to each element of her teachings. It has changed my life and helped me realize daily miracles. I whole-heartedly believe it will do the same for you! —Anonymous

This book was so informative. I usually speed read and skip pages so I can get right to the meat of a book. This book I read and re-read every sentence. It is a book that I will read many times. It is very well written and answers so many questions that I've had. —Crystal, USA

Truly an esoteric dictionary —Anonymous, Jamaica

Hi Tania. You are "The lady who shines white light and wants to show how everything still turns to gold. When all are one and one is all" in the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven". If any one doubts this just go look up Robert Plant's account of when he wrote the song. This is the most well put together book on the material that I have read. From the center of my heart and mind Thank you Tania. —Frank Jeffrey Rodriguez, USA

The content is compelling, engaging, and logical. The result is a view of the world that is comprehensive and believable. I am grateful that Tania has done much of the hard work on our behalf, by looking into existing wisdom, interpreting it, and offering a guide that will help us become directors of our lives. —Adiba Osmani, United Kindgom

I always had a hard time with the idea of existence and beliefs due to the many complex involvements in all aspects of life along with being exposed to so many clashing ideas. I was only able to grasp ideas about mind, body, and spirit as separate things but when trying to tie all of these things together, it only led to confusion. After reading this work of art by Tania Kotsos, my life has been changed. I carry a copy with me pretty much everywhere I go because no matter how many times I read it, there will always be a different meaning that is manifested pertaining to my life. Whenever asked about this book, I call it "My Bible". I am so grateful to have had the chance to be introduced to the content in this book at only 21 years old because I will definitely hold it close for my entire life. —Mario Guzman, California, USA

Has this ever happened to anyone upon reading This Book? I was profoundly crying upon full-time reading every sentence of its content, so it took me over 3 months to finish it off. Only the 6th time went 'normal', and I could not recognise myself with the internal purification that took place within my psyche after reading This Book. It feels, as if This Book was written to me, and I was so receptive to the universal truths, that This Book has transformed me completely. Thanks to Tania and her dedicated Book, I am not the same person any more. The Book is in my consciousness all the time now, whatever I think, do, speak and act, and I only wish..., I would feel privileged to translate This Book one day into my native language. —Basia, Poland

Tania, I have read your book, 'The Adventure of I' (e-book and paper version), several times now and attended your live seminar in London and participated in a few of your online seminars. Every single time I am exposed to the information you provide via these platforms, I understand it on a deeper level - the more I 'think' I understand it, the more I discover how much (or in fact - how little!) I really know! I have become a better receiver. I have a real,' flaming-reality' type of understanding that Love is all around me. I understand what it means to be 'aware', 'go with the flow', be happy. Maybe you will discover something or some 'things' about this Universe of ours that resonate with you. I would recommend that every single person on this planet read Tania's book or attend one of her seminars. She is an inspiration to the human race and I feel she is well on her way in leaving a legacy for all time to come. There is only one constant I am aware of in the physical word as we know it (well, perhaps not entirely true! - the other one is the speed of light!) - That constant is CHANGE! If you want that change to lift you upwards, I urge you to read 'The Adventure of I'. It is truly inspiring. Thank you Tania for the unlimited insight your seminars and your unique book provide. —Desmond Stevens, Northampton, United Kingdom

After forty years of mind power study, I was still searching for answers. How does Nature appear to possess consciousness for the creation of everyday miracles? Is the Infinite Mind (God) judgmental? What happens to us after physical death? How does reality creation really work? How can we make the required mind shift to rise above the Physical Plane? These questions and many more are thoroughly answered in the book and on-line seminar, "The Adventure of I" with author, Tania Kotsos. Tania has created a structured, corroborative and authoritative work that provides answers to humanity's deepest questions. As you read the chapters, you will feel a resonance that will confirm the validity of the author's description of the Universal Laws, Principles and Planes of Consciousness based on her years of research into ancient and modern day texts. She provides insights into the strange "coincidences" we have all experienced, "epiphanies when you did not previously have knowledge" and why intuition is usually right. If you are a serious seeker and driven to know the truth, Tania Kotsos has written a masterpiece. The seminar goes even further to explain the Infinite, plus it is a wonderful opportunity to peer into the mind that has created a literary work for the ages. —Fred Allen, Florida, United States

I came across Tania's website long before I purchased her book. I was always excited to get the excerpts from the book via email. Now, I have the paperback! I love it. I always believed that we all, at some point need a 'life' manual. A manual on how to live life beautifully, wonderfully, to love life, to cherish life and to be grateful for it, because many just don't. Well, this is the manual! I've added this wonderful book to my collection of books on Mental Science and I continue to read it daily. Tania has given us something special that will no doubt be a book that will live on. Thank you Tania. —Jack Dani, Canada

A true gem of a book. Improving the way one perceives one's life and trusting it requires discipline, patience and a lot of hard work. The Adventure of I gently guides and points us in that direction, encouraging us when needed. Always an open book, I highly recommend it. —Adji Danya Delita Hakim, Indonesia

So glad I purchased this book. I was already on my own spiritual journey but this book is having a massive impact on my journey. Some of the content is quite heavy but Tania has explained it in a way that is easier to understand... Thanks Tania like others I believe I will pick this book up again and again in my quest to be able to say 'as I will, so I become'. —Lynn Lambton, United Kingdom

The Adventure of I is the single most important book I have ever read. The wisdom in this book is truly life changing. The quality of my life has dramatically improved as I now have all the tools I will ever need to create my reality. I am healthier, happier, and constantly amazed at what I can create by directing my mind through my will. The author, Tania Kotsos, has profoundly articulated the mind reality concept and how it directly relates to the laws of the Universe. I recommend reading through this website and you will quickly get an idea of some of the information in this book. I highly recommend this book if you are ready to improve all accepts of your life. Thank you Tania for writing this revelational masterpiece and for your continued support through your on-line seminars. I have truly embarked on the adventure of my life... The Adventure of I. —Sarah Figueroa, United States

When I bought The Adventure of I, I was a bit sceptical. There are so many books on the market, so many theories, from the practical to the extremely spiritual. However, I was soon convinced Tania had given us a great gift, certainly one of the most useful tools I've had in a long time. The book is a compendium of rigorous work, logic, classical culture and spirituality. It is clear, well thought out and excellently organized. It covers a large range of topics, it answers a lot of the questions we have been asking ourselves and it sheds light on the workings of the mind, always keeping tradition and ancient thinking alive. Thank you, honestly. Great work. —Franca, Italy

What a wonderful book. The Adventure I has given me the answer to all my questions about the mystery of universe, now I am complete without confusion and I am free to move on without doubt. The Adventure of I = Peace of mind. Life is beautiful... Life is good... I love Life... Easy world... Beautiful world... —Prince, Madrid, Spain

The Adventure of I is one of the best books on the subject of conscious reality creation. The best part is that it's not just about mind power, it's about so much more. It is a book that will revolutionise the way you view yourself and your life. Tania has used amazing examples in this book which make it easy to understand complex concepts. The knowledge contained in The Adventure of I will transform you in innumerable ways. Thank you Tania for making this knowledge available to us! —Roohani Deshpande, India

I have read the book and I found it very informative and knowledgeable. Clearly written and discussed. Thank you for the boundless wisdom. —Mr Sandip Sandhu, United Kingdom

Thank you ,Tania, for this wonderful volume. It hasn't left my side, literally, since it arrived. Having finished it, I am grateful for the distillation of ancient knowledge, psychology and spirituality into a practical handbook that should be issued to every human at birth and worked through until a working knowledge of our inner creativity has been effectively obtained! It makes sense, and puts into perspective our higher and lower selves as conscious minds in charge of our subconscious minds. Life can be consciously improved and we are the ones to do so, making us able to finally 'Be the change you want to see'. I am so thankful to have come across this great book! —Catherine Pearson, United Kingdom

If you never read another book on metaphysics, read this one. I have spent years trying to understand this concept but after 'willing's somebody into my life to help me understand this fascinating but complex subject, along comes Tania. I had the privilege of attending her first seminar in London, and from that moment on, I looked forward to the book I just knew she would one day write. Here it is, the most lucid, well written book on this subject that I have ever read. I have just finished reading it, and am looking forward to start re-reading it all over again as soon as I have written this review. I guarantee this book will become a 'Bible' to many. So to all fellow travellers on this path, read this book and become enlightened to the ways of the universe, this book truly is An Adventure. —Margot Atkinson, Basingstoke, England

This is an incredible book! I can't wait to finish it so I can start reading it all over again. I love, love, love it! Thank you Tania, for all your hard work compiling this book so I can take a short cut. Thank you, thank you, thank you! —Kim, Canada

Wonderful writing. —Bernard Mwaura, Kenya

I have been a frequent visitor to Tania's website for quite a while now. I don't know how I ended up there but I guess my desire to understand life and the universal laws led me there. When excerpts of 'The Adventure of The I' started appearing in my inbox, my curiosity was raised. Although I had read other books related to metaphysics, this one looked different and I yearned to set my eyes on it. Finally when it was out I was for a while in a dilemma on whether to purchase it or not. As with many people I was somewhat sceptical and even fearful of reading about a subject like metaphysics that many people relate with hidden and ill-understood powers. But when I finally made up my mind and purchased the book, I soon realised that that was money well-spent on an online product. Long before I finished reading the book it had earned itself a treasured place in the list of the books that have profoundly made a mark in my life. I have completed the first reading and now I believe it is time to read it more carefully while doing the various exercises where applicable. I would suggest this approach for anyone who wishes to apply the advice in the book. This is a book I can recommend to anyone looking to broaden their understanding on what may appear as life mysteries or unexplained coincidences. If you have read, enjoyed and benefited from 'the Secret' by Rhonda Byrne, then you will enjoy and benefit many times more when you read 'THE ADVENTURE OF I' by Tania Kotsos; who to me came across as a great teacher also. —Murigi Wainaina, Kenya

I was anxiously awaiting the availability of 'The Adventure of I' for many months. I had read excerpts that Tania had posted and I have read articles on her Mind Your Reality website. So my expectations were very high and when the book became available I was very excited to read it. What I did not expect was that the book would literally transform me as though I was on a Journey. The information contained in these chapters truly open your awareness to information that once you know it you will be forever changed. In fact there is so much knowledge, wisdom, and guidance in the book that you will want to read and re-read the book as though it is a roadmap for your future. As you read the book you will feel as though you are being carefully taught the principles and then encouraged to utilize your understanding through practical suggestions and exercises. The author's writing style is so thorough and descriptive that you are able to fully grasp what would normally be difficult concepts to understand. The Adventure of I is so much more than just an amazing book. It is an opportunity to take your life to a level that the greatest minds and the most accomplished thinkers have been to. Do not ignore a chance to awaken that part of you that is eternal. The I within is really who you are. You will get to know the Real You through 'The Adventure of I'. The Journey of your lifetime awaits. —Mark Forman, United States

Tania, you often refer to my favorite two authors in your book 'The Adventure of I'. Eugene Fersen and Thomas Troward. You have managed to bring more clarity to their teachings and make them much easier to comprehend. I have read your book twice and loved every moment. Great job!" —Ryal Clingen (Author of How to Have Concentrated Visualization), United States


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