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A Few Words From the Author and Creator of Mind Your Reality

Hi, my name is Tania Kotsos. I'm the author and creator of Mind Your Reality, which is a product of my studies and understanding of the mind, the Universe and the nature of reality. As far back as I can remember, I loved to unravel mysteries. As a child, I wanted to become a private investigator; not for the reward of "catching the baddie", but rather, for the joy of solving the puzzle. I recall buying a heavy, hard covered Reader's Digest book on the unexplained when I was about 10 years old from a second hand bookshop in our neighbourhood. I used to read it secretly, as if the knowledge contained within its pages was somehow magical.

As an adult, little has changed. I still have that book along with many more and I still get the same magical feeling when I read them. Even during my 10-year career as a foreign exchange strategist in the City of London, my greatest satisfaction was derived from looking for new relationships between currencies and then sharing these with clients. I like to believe that any success I enjoyed during my career in investment banking is owed to my love for solving mysteries.

In 2007, I decided to leave banking behind me to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a private investigator; only this time of life's mysteries. Of all the mysteries, the Mind is by far the greatest. The inscription on the ancient Temple of Apollo in Delphi in Greece said: "Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and of the Universe". Paradoxically, while my driving force is to unravel and share the secrets of the Mind, I never want to wholly solve its mysteries, so I am relieved to have found that every answer I receive gives rise to a new question. Mind Your Reality is a product of my love for the subject of the Mind and is dedicated to that on-going cycle of questions and answers.

I am a student of this reality we call Life as much as you are. This site and the knowledge contained within its pages would be less rewarding without its readers to share it with.

Thank you.

May Life always bless you and yours.

Here's to Your Mind!


Mind Your Reality was launched on 13 July 2008

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