The Subjective Mind

Excerpts from Chapter 3: Level 1 - The Sub-Conscious Mind
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Subjective Mind: Your subjective mind is your sub-conscious mind and it is below self-aware consciousness. This is unambiguously implied in the word itself because the preposition 'sub' means below. Therefore, 'sub-conscious' literally means below the awareness of consciousness, which in turn means that the sub-conscious mind is not personally aware of itself being separate from anything else. The lack of self-awareness makes the sub-conscious mind impersonal in nature because there is nothing outside of it to be personal in relation to. Impersonal, in this sense, does not mean without personal beliefs or without personality, but rather it means that the sub-conscious mind does not recognise external relationships of one thing to another as being separate from it in any way.

Moreover, the term 'subjective' means the sub-conscious mind is the subject, without any awareness of objects outside of it. In other words, everything is experienced subjectively through its own filters, beliefs, and mental programs. A deeper consideration of the word 'subjective' reveals that it has its origin in the noun 'subject' that means under the control or dominion of another. In turn, the word 'subject' has its origin in the Latin word subicere, meaning to place under. It stands to reason therefore that 'sub' in the word 'subjective', tells us that the sub-conscious mind is not only under or below self-aware consciousness, but that it is also subject to it.

The Nature of the Subjective Mind: The subjective nature of the sub-conscious mind means that it must be directed by a suggestion in order to exert its power in any one direction. Once a suggestion is impressed on the sub-conscious mind, it is then executed with precision to its final consequences. This can be likened to a seed that, once planted in the soil under the right conditions, will produce a crop in accordance to its nature. Having said this, what the sub-conscious lacks in self-aware or conscious power, it makes up for many-fold by way of impersonal power. Impersonal power refers to the sub-conscious mind's power to reproduce any message or mental image that is impressed on it, without any personal evaluation or judgment of the message or mental image itself. In other words, the sub-conscious sets out to create whatever it is directed to create, which also means it is the creative aspect of your mind. This impersonal creative power is, in theory, limitless but in the absence of self-awareness, this power is limited to and by the messages that are given to the sub-conscious mind. It is humanity's ability to direct and impress images on the sub-conscious mind that sets us apart from the animal and plant kingdoms, but it is also the reason behind the disorderly state of our lives, at both a personal and global level.

The Limitations of the Programs in the System: The potential power of the sub-conscious mind may be limitless but its actual power is limited by and to the programs in its 'system'. In the same way, a computer may be very powerful but its useful power is limited to the programs that have been installed on its hard drive. Likewise, your sub-conscious is capable of actualising any potential possibility, but which possibility is actualised in your life can only ever reflect the messages and mental image inputs that it has been provided or programmed with.

Metaphors for the Sub-Conscious Mind: Here are some metaphors for the sub-conscious mind that will help deepen your understanding. The sub-conscious can be likened to the script of a movie, with the actor acting out the script but without any critical evaluation on his part as to the validity of the script. The sub-conscious can also be likened to the programmable hard-drive of a computer. Just as is the case with the hard drive of a computer, the sub-conscious mind simply executes the software that is installed on it, irrespective of whether it is a useful program or a destructive virus. Moreover, the hard-drive does not get to choose its own programs. Finally, the sub-conscious mind can be likened to the soil in which seeds are planted. The crop that is reproduced or created always matches the nature of the seed, but the soil has no choice as to which seeds are planted within it.

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Chapter 3: Level 1 - The Sub-Conscious Mind

  • Below Self-Awareness
  • Subjective Nature
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Any Suggestion, Any Source
  • The Achilles Heel of the Sub-Conscious Mind
  • The Limitations of the Programs in the System
  • The Role of the Sub-Conscious Mind
  • The Sub-Conscious Mind's Automatic Functions
  • Assumed Belief System
  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Pleasure or Pain
  • Where Did Your Beliefs Come From?
  • Re-Programming the Sub-Conscious Mind
  • Metaphors for the Sub-Conscious Mind
  • The Sub-Conscious Mind in a Nutshell


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