The Real Ego

Excerpts from Chapter 5: Level 3 - The Super-Conscious Mind
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Real Ego: Your super-conscious mind is the seat of your Real Ego, also known as Egohood. This is not to be confused with the counterfeit ego of the personality, that is wrapped up in the sensory feedback provided by the outer world and that insists on being right. You may have been advised to relinquish your ego as you endeavour to better your life experience, but this advice can only apply to the counterfeit ego of the personality. The two are distinguished by using an upper-case 'E' for the Real Ego, which belongs to your Real Self; and a lower-case 'e' for the counterfeit ego, which belongs to the personal self. The two can be distinguished further in that the personality operates at the level of 'me', whereas the Real Self operates at the level of 'I'.

The Real Ego is your Ego in the original sense of the Greek word, meaning I. You can never be rid of the I that is the Real You, because it is the only part of you that is eternally changeless and thus the only part of you that is real. The I that is the Real You says 'I AM' in full authority and since the distinguishing quality of the self-aware mind is the ability to think independently, the I says 'I THINK therefore I AM'. It does not say 'I am this' or 'I am that'. All power resides in 'I AM I' with no constraints or qualification.

The Seat of Your Will: The super-conscious mind is the seat of the full directive potential of your will power. Were it not for the will of your Higher Self, then you could not experience life, because life is the will of your Higher Self to experience itself. Nothing can be done intentionally in the absence of the will to do so. For instance, you can think about raising your hand and you can even desire it, but you can never do so if you do not will it, no matter how much you try. Try it out for yourself and you will see the truth in this - nothing can be accomplished consciously without your will.

Metaphors for the Super-Conscious Mind: At the level of awareness of your super-conscious mind, the Real You is both the audience and intended director of the movie. You know it is just a movie whose script can be changed at will. You also know that the actor is performing an adopted role based on an assumed script. The I is the intended computer programmer, who intelligently writes the programs to be used, and directs which programs are to be installed in the hard-drive of the computer. The programmer knows that any program can be changed or removed at will, and that no program has any independent power of its own. The Real You is the farmer who is intended to intelligently choose the seeds to be planted in the soil that is your sub-conscious mind, knowing that all growth begins in the inner world of the soil, and ends in an exact replica of the nature of the seed, in the outer world above the soil. In all three of the above metaphors, the Real You is the Observer. As the Observer you objectively direct your mind with the power of your will. In so doing you choose your thoughts and keep them in place, and hence create your experience of the physical world accordingly. But you never become part of what is being observed and hence, always remain the unchanged and undisturbed Observer.

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Chapter 5: Level 3 - The Super-Conscious Mind

  • The Real Ego
  • The Seat of Your Will
  • The Role of the Super-Conscious Mind
  • Objective Mind - Subjective Reality
  • Metaphors for the Super-Conscious Mind


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