These articles are about creating positive relationships not only romantically but in all areas of your life, including the love you have for yourself. The foundation of all your relationships is the one you have with yourself—your self-love, which is also the premise for loving others. In your experience of reality, everyone is you pushed out, everyone is your mirror. What you assume about yourself, relationships and others is what you experience. Others change without force or manipulation when you change yourself. If you want to create positive change within your relationships, whether with a specific person or generally, there's never anyone to change but Self.

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How to Manifest Someone: If you want to manifest a specific person or to manifest a specific change in your relationship, read this article. To manifest someone or something specific, assume the consciousness of the relationship you desire. There's no need to force or manipulate anyone. There is no one to change but you.

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Everyone is Your Mirror: There's only one relationship secret to creating positive relationships beyond even that which you may deem possible. And the great secret is that everyone is your mirror, everyone is you pushed out. Learn how others are reflecting your consciousness back to you. Get to know your reflection. And to change the reflection, change yourself.

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Learn to Love Yourself—The Greatest Love of All: Self-love is the foundation of your single most important relationship—that with yourself. The golden rule tells us to 'love your neighbour as you love yourself'. At its core, you will find the instruction to love yourself first. Learning to love yourself is indeed the greatest love of all.

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Quotes About Creating Loving Relationships

"Everything and everyone is your mirror. Learn to recognise yourself in other people. It is only when you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you that you can begin to create positive relationships just the way you would have them be. There is no need to blame others or your 'bad luck'. When your love is based on a foundation of self-love and you commit to changing your self, miracles will follow beyond what you may even be hoping for right now."—Tania Kotsos

"There is no one to change but self; that self is simply your awareness, your consciousness and the world in which it lives is determined by the concept you hold of self. It is to consciousness that we must turn as to the only reality."—Neville Goddard

"Creating positive relationships is not about manipulating, tricking or forcing anyone, a specific person or otherwise, to change or conform to your desires. In fact, there is little point in trying to do so. Rather, positive relationships start with loving yourself and end with changing what you assume to be true about you, about relationships and about life."—Tania Kotsos



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