The Personal Self

Excerpts from Chapter 4: Level 2 - The Self-Conscious Mind
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Personal Self: Your self-conscious mind is that part of you that is consciously aware of yourself in the physical world as being personally separate from others and as having a distinct personality. It is also referred to as the personal self, as well as the objective mind, because through it, you personally and objectively experience yourself as being separate from all those things outside the physical you, including people and things. Its own point of reference therefore, is the personal self that says 'me', while everyone and everything else is perceived as 'them' and 'outside things' respectively. Having said this, bear in mind that all levels of mind above the sub-conscious are, by definition, conscious and objective, including the super-conscious mind of the I within. The self-conscious mind therefore, is that part of the conscious mind operating at the level of the personality, which is the first level of self-aware consciousness.

The Ocean of Your Mind: Think of your mind as a vast ocean. You sub-conscious mind is akin to the deep recesses of the ocean of which you are unaware; and your self-conscious mind is the surface of the ocean, whose activity you are consciously aware of by paying attention to it. Remember that the suggestions that are given to the sub-conscious mind must first pass through the self-conscious mind. In keeping with the metaphor of the ocean, this means that for something to enter the depth of the ocean (subjective mind) from outside, it must first pass through the ocean's surface (objective mind). This, in turn, means that the less conscious attention you pay to the activity in your physical and mental worlds, then the more unaware you are of the countless suggestions and messages that are indiscriminately entering or 'falling into' your sub-conscious mind. In contrast, the wider your field of conscious attention, then the greater your awareness of your own thoughts about what you are physically or mentally experiencing, which in turn, allows you to intercept them before they enter your sub-conscious for imprinting or programming.

Metaphors for the Self-Conscious Mind: The self-conscious mind can be likened to the actor in the movie, acting out the script. The actor must act out the script. He cannot change the script in any meaningful way in accordance with his will, at least not without risking his acting position as well. Looked at another way, the self-conscious mind is like the user of the computer, who uses the in-built programs on the computer's hard-drive but whose computing power is limited to the power of those in-built programs. Finally, the self-conscious mind is analogous to the farmer that indiscriminately sows the seeds, without any critical consideration as to the nature of each seed.

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Chapter 4: Level 2 - The Self-Conscious Mind

  • The Power of Attention
  • Your Objective Mind Gives Meaning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • The Role of the Self-Conscious Mind
  • The Ocean of Your Mind
  • The Automatons of an Unaware Mind
  • The Achilles Heel of the Self-Conscious Mind
  • The Observer of Your Thoughts
  • Metaphors for the Self-Conscious Mind


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