Personal development is about self-improvement and self-growth at the level of your personality or personal self. Uncovering your strengths and weaknesses, your positive and negative beliefs and what you believe defines who you are, is the first of many steps in improving yourself. Your growth at the personal level goes hand-in-hand with manifesting your reality. Similarly, your self-concept is fundamental to improving every area of your life because it is reflected in everything you experience. To change your life in any area, you must change yourself not others or outside things. And the surest route to changing yourself is to know the Real You.

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Reprogram the Subconscious Mind: Reprograming your mind is key to self-improvement. Your mind is the cause of your experiences in all areas of life. You can actively reprogram your mind by using these powerful techniques aimed at changing your limiting beliefs so that your circumstances begin to reflect the highest expression of life.

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How to Identify Limiting Beliefs: Identify your limiting beliefs with 6 steps and 6 questions for decoding your core beliefs in the 6 key areas of your life. A step-by-step guide to uncovering what’s holding you back in life. By knowing your beliefs, you can find the reasons behind your circumstances and change the negative ones that do not serve you.

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The Definitive List of Core Beliefs: A definitive list of core beliefs, both positive and negative, for each main category of life, which goes a long way in identifying your own beliefs. Once you have understood just what core beliefs are, how they are formed and how they run your life, you can turn to these core belief lists to start identifying your own beliefs.

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Understanding Core Beliefs: There is arguably no more important influence on your personal development than your personal belief system. Your core beliefs are those assumptions you hold to be true about yourself, others and life without question. By uncovering your beliefs and changing the negative, your success will soar in all areas.

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How to Know Your Self-Worth: Your self-worth is a function of how much you value yourself and is fundamental to personal development. To have high self-worth is to believe you are worthy of receiving all that is good and of living a joyful life—a life in which you are loved, accepted and respected in all ways. By knowing your True Self, there's no doubt.

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Comparing yourself to others is mentally and emotionally exhausting and holds your personal development hostage. Comparison lies behind your insecurities, strips you of your authentic power and is the breeding ground for envy and the need to be better than others. When you stop comparing yourself, you find freedom.

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Change Your Habits icon

Changing Habits to Change Your Life: We are all creatures of habit. Everything you repeatedly do, say and think is as a direct result of your habits, which in turn are products of your beliefs. Your personal development and the success you enjoy in your life, or the lack thereof, is directly related to your habits. By changing your habits, you get to change your life.

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Change the Past Revision icon

How to Change the Past with Revision: Learn how to change the past using Neville Goddard's Revision Technique. All possible versions of your past, present and future exist timelessly. The past is not done and dusted with—it exists. By imagining the version of a past experience as you would have wanted it to be, you get to change the past.

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How to Leave the Past Behind with Mental Time Travel: There is no need to break any laws of physics to travel back in time. All you need is to access a world that is not subject to time. And this timeless world is your mind and wonderful imagination. In so doing, you can learn to 'freeze' your negative experiences, leaving them where they belong—in the past.

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Change Perception by Changing Beliefs: When you change your perception about an experience, the experience also changes. With the aim of self-improvement in mind, you can more easily change your perception of a negative experience when you recognise you made it up in the first instance based on what you believed it meant at the time.

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How to Learn from Negative Experiences: Life is supposed to be a wonderful collection of always new experiences. If, however, you focus on past negative experiences, you live in their presence and create your future in their shadow. With personal development, you can learn from them, transform them into positive lessons, move on, and create the life you want.

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Quotes About Personal Development & Self-Improvement

"Personal development is the road to improving your personal self with its personality and all that goes with it. Your personality is but the mask you wear in the theatre of life. Under the direction of your Higher Self, endeavour to develop the highest qualities of personality and to diminish the lesser."—Tania Kotsos

"Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment."—Stephen Covey

"Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself."—Denis Waitley



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