Mental Time Travel to Change the Past

By Tania Kotsos

Article continued from: How to Change Your Perception about Negative Experiences

The Art of Mental Time Travel: The third and final step in neutralizing negative experiences from your life is to leave them where they belong - in the past. There is no need to travel faster than the speed of light or to break any laws of physics in order for you to travel back in time. All you need to do is access a world that is not subject to time. You have instant access to such a world. This world is your mind. Know that time is an illusion of the physical world to which your mental world is largely not subjected to. Just as in your dreams many years can elapse in the space of a few hours, so in the realm of your imagination you can travel anywhere you want, backwards and forwards in time, without any obstacle.

Give Every Experience its Rightful Place: Scientific experiments have shown that the mind does not know the difference between that which is experienced and that which is imagined. This suggests that every time you re-live a negative experience in your mind, unwittingly adding some extra negativity as you go along, your mind believes you are experiencing it again. So instead of living an experience just the one time, you live it a hundred, a thousand or even countless times.

The Mental Time Travel Meditation: By learning to mental time travel with this powerful meditation, you can leave a past negative experience in the past and have fun with it. In a relaxed state with your eyes closed, mentally create an image of a horizontal time line of your life where the furthest point to your right is your present moment. Make sure your time line includes an exact point for your negative experience as well as a length of time before that experience stretching back into your childhood. With this time line in mind, mentally sense how you have carried the negative experience with you since its occurrence through to the present moment and how its shadow has somehow hovered at every point and coloured every experience thereafter.

Freezing the Negative Experience: Next during your mental time travel meditation, imagine yourself travelling backwards in time along your time-line until you come to your experience. With the new perception and clarity you have gained by identifying the negative belief and changing your perception, mentally freeze the experience in its place and thank it for its lesson, knowing that it cannot follow you back to your present moment in its frozen state. Now continue to travel back in time to a point when those negative beliefs or feelings that created that experience did not exist.

You may find that you have to travel back to your childhood years, or it may be that the experience itself created new negative beliefs. In that case, just take a couple of steps back to the moment before the experience. Allow yourself to truly feel how light, happy, carefree and confident you felt without those negative beliefs and see yourself stepping into and embracing those feelings.

Returning to the Present Moment: Next during your mental time travel exercise, mentally make your way back along your time line to the current moment. See yourself effortlessly gliding past your once negative experience without any emotion and notice how it is and always will be frozen in time as just one of your many life experiences. Notice its absence from every point thereafter as you continue travelling forward to your present moment. Sense how the present feels different to what it was prior to your mental time travel and how your expectations about the future have changed now that it is no longer under the influence of that event. Allow yourself to enjoy this sense of freedom and lightness. Then, from this place of strength, start to mentally count upwards and slowly open your eyes. Repeat this exercise for any experience you wish to let go of.

Know that Your Reality is Yours to Create: Your past experiences have no power over you, other than the power you grant them. Resolve now to release yourself from the grip of the perceived negativity of your experiences and allow yourself to enjoy the glorious game that is life. Apply these three steps with consistency and you will enjoy positive transformation in all areas of your life. In a very short period of time, you will find that while the specific experience may still exist in your recollection, there is no emotion attached to it, you are stronger because of it and you are free of its influence. Know that by Universal Law you can not attract the same negative experience into your life once you have positively changed the belief that originally attracted it. When the lesson is learnt, the experience is neutralized.

In a nutshell, too many people create their life in the shadow of their past negative experiences and so fail to achieve the success for which they strive. Know that you can free yourself from the negative influence of a past experience by identifying and changing the beliefs that attracted it in the first instance, by changing your perception, and by placing your experience back in its place rather than carrying it with you indefinitely with the help of mental time travel. When you learn to see your negative experiences as an opportunity to learn and change something about yourself, you will find the pain you once felt will have been transformed into gratitude for a lesson well learnt.


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