Become a Master of Emotions

Excerpts from Chapter 27: Mental Gender in Creation
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

Mastering Your Emotions: To become a master of emotions you must learn to direct and guide your emotional world, rather than have it direct you and your actions. In this regard, as a pair of opposite mental principles, your reasoning mind is a masculine principle and your emotions are a feminine principle. This means reason is directive but not creative and explains why just thinking about something rationally is not a motivating force in the same way emotions are. Emotions are a very powerful creative principle of mind and for this reason, how and what you feel counts far more than what you logically think when it comes to creating your desires. Moreover, without your emotions you could not express your feelings towards anything or anyone, which would leave your experience in the hands of cold logic.

Emotions are to the mental image of your desire what water is to the seed in the soil. At first glance this may suggest the more emotion the better because of course, seeds need water to grow. But just like too much water will drown a seed, too much emotion can and does overwhelm your mind and 'drown' your desires. In failing to realise the directive power of reason over emotions, most people live their lives in an overly emotional world, in which their emotional reactions to external stimuli determine their mental state. And the more extreme the emotions you permit in your mental nature, the more extreme the counter-balancing that follows.

Moreover, when overwhelmed by emotions, your objectivity tends to go flying out the window and you become a puppet whose strings are pulled by your emotions, one day feeling positive and the next negative. Making matters worse, when you are emotionally overwhelmed, you stand little chance of effectively using your will power, let alone your reason and other mental faculties - at least not in a productive way that best serves you. You must therefore employ the directive power of your reasoning or rational mind to guide your emotions and keep them at optimal levels. This is not about denying your emotions their rightful place but rather granting it to them, so that you can use and express them to your advantage, rather than have them use you and express you to your disadvantage. Moreover, by guiding your emotions and keeping them at optimal levels, you create a powerhouse of creative energy that you can access at any time to motivate you in pursuing your desires. Optimal emotions are discussed in the next chapter.

Lessons from a River: A good analogy for the relationship between your emotions and your reasoning mind is a river and its banks, where your emotions are the ever-changing flowing river, and your logic is its still and stable banks on either side. In the absence of its banks, the river would flood and drown all the surrounding area, whereas in their presence the river creates, nurtures, and sustains life around it. The banks of the river do not stop the river from flowing, but rather allow it to flow by guiding, directing, and ultimately protecting it. On the other hand, were the banks of the river over-sized, which is akin to denying your emotions and living only on the plane of cold logic, then the banks would hinder the flow of the river and it could no longer create, nurture, or sustain the life around it. The one complements and balances the other, and both are equally important to each other. By allowing reason to guide your emotions, you will find life flourishing in areas that previously overwhelmed you, and the same will be the case in areas that previously seemed lifeless.

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Chapter 27: Mental Gender in Creation

  • Masculine - Feminine
  • Mental Man - Mental Woman
  • Objective Mind - Subjective Mind
  • Will - Desire
  • The Power of Your Intuition
  • The Power of Your Intuition
  • Reason - Emotion
  • Lessons from a River
  • The Mental Couple
  • The Relationship of the Mental Couple


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