Step 4 - How to Believe in the Present Moment

By Tania Kotsos

The fourth step in the creative visualization process is to learn how to believe that you already have your intended outcome in the present moment. This is not about wishful thinking or deceiving yourself. It is about knowing the truth behind reality creation and having the kind of faith that is the "evidence of things not seen".

What it Means to Believe: To believe something is to truly know it. It is to no longer have to think about it. When you believe you have your intention you do not have to be in a place of expectation or wondering where it is because you already have it. During your creative visualization sessions, believe that you already have what you intend by seeing yourself fully experiencing the choice itself. The words of Jesus Christ perfectly capture the essence of how to believe: "What things soever you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them" (Mark 11:24).

Learn How to Believe: Relax using the relaxation techniques you have learnt for creative visualization. Next, bring to your mind something which you already possess with absolute certainty, be it the roof over your head, your eyesight, your car or even just knowing where your next income is going to come from. Notice how your body and mind react to having something with such certainty. You are likely to feel no tension, no stress, no worry, no wondering where it is, no hoping - just the peace of mind and stillness that comes with knowing. Allow yourself to fully experience this state of knowing what it means to have something. Repeat this exercise regularly and soon you will have learnt how to believe and will be able to re-create and transfer the feeling of belief to those things you intend to experience during your creative visualization sessions.

Take What You Want for Granted with Gratitude and Avoid the Extremes: To take something for granted really means to believe that it has already been given to you, it has been granted, there is no doubt. So take your intentions for granted to the point of indifference, not because you do not care if they materialise or not but because you know they already have in the mental and spiritual realms from which all things manifest. You will know that you truly believe you have your intention, when you no longer have to wonder where it is. This is the secret to belief. Remember to always be grateful for those things you have been granted, including those things you are intending for yourself but are still in the mental realm and on their way to the physical. By being grateful, you protect yourself from swaying to emotional extremes. Feeling conceited and arrogantly assured of the manifestation of your intention, as with all other extremes, should always be avoided.

Repetition Turns into Belief: Whatever you consciously repeat often enough, whether it serves you or not, will in time become a belief by being passed down to your subconscious mind. This is the essence of how to believe. Neurological experiments have shown that the mind cannot tell the difference between something that is "real" and that which has been vividly imagined. By repeating the creative visualization process on a daily basis, preferably twice a day, you will soon programme your subconscious mind with those beliefs that serve you and take you towards the ultimate reality of your choosing.

To Believe is Not Wishful Thinking: Learning how to believe that you already have your intended outcome, is not about kidding yourself or living a lie. It is about understanding the truth about reality creation i.e. that everything you experience in the physical realm, whether wanted or unwanted, has its origin in the mental realm. That which you consistently imagine with strong feeling and conviction during your creative visualization sessions, will instantly materialise in the mental realm, which is the realm from which all things in the physical world manifest. This is the truth about your thought power: your thoughts create your reality through the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws.

Truly believing you already have your intended outcome leads you to the fifth and critical final step in the creative visualization process: Detachment. Once you learn how to believe in the present moment and understand the truth about belief, you will find detachment comes naturally.

In a nutshell, the fourth step in the creative visualization process is learn how to believe you already are or possess that which you intend to experience. Although believing you already have something when it is not present in your physical reality may appear difficult at first, it will help to remember that everything you are already experiencing in the physical realm has its origin in your thoughts and beliefs. What you believe you receive.


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