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These articles are about healing with the mind. You can heal both yourself and others even at a distance with the power of your mind. Health and overall well-being are the foundation of life and while there is much focus on the psychosomatic effects of wrong thinking, the effects of right thinking have been overlooked. Release from your mind anything you've been told is incurable and open yourself up to using your mind's power for healing yourself and others. There is no more noble purpose for the use of mind power than for healing.

Important Disclaimer: I do not share the knowlege on this site lightly, nor do I do so without the backing of personal experience. Please be aware that the articles on healing are intended to complement medical treatment not to replace the knowledge of conventional medicine or the advice of your doctor. Always seek professional help. More articles will be added.


Click on the heading of any Healing with the Mind Article below to read it in full. If reading them for the first time, I suggest starting at the bottom.

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The Mind-Body Connection: NEW ARTICLE Understanding the mind-body connection and more specifically the directive power of mind-over-body, is the first step to learning how to heal yourself and others with the power of your mind. The bottom line is that the subjective physical body is subject to the objective instructions of your mind.

The Essence of Healing with the Mind

"So great a power is there of the soul upon the body, that whichever way the soul imagines and dreams, thither doth it lead the body."—Agrippa

"It is right to heal; it less right to ignore your role in your own healing and the healing of others. Healing is part of our role as co-creators with the Creator. The world is slowly beginning to realize the human ability of healing with the mind."—Jose Silva

"There is arguably no greater use of the power of the mind than for the purpose of healing yourself and others. Healing with the mind is a natural ability that anyone can come to exercise. Imagination is its instrument and faith its foundation."—Tania Kotsos


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