The Power of Giving Up

By Tania Kotsos

Giving up is one of the most powerful steps you can take when consciously creating your reality. This may contradict mainstream advice that is usually focussed on "never give up", but knowing how and when to give up could make all the difference to your success, while not doing so may prevent it. Most people deem giving up to be cowardly, in the ignorance that to "try, try and try again", may be the less courageous and less effective thing to do.

To Never Give Up is Tantamount to Attachment: At some point in time, we have all been faced with the dilemma of whether or not to give up on something that we really wanted, not knowing what to do. The usual advice is to "keep trying" and to "never give up". However, never giving up on something you want or intend can be the most tiring, time-wasting and energy-draining thing you can do. In our predominantly action-orientated society, to give up may seem like a weakness, whereas doing so actually takes strength and intelligence.

Refusing to give up, no matter what, is really nothing more than being dearly attached to the outcome. In contrast, experience has taught us that only by detaching from the outcome do we give it the freedom to come to us. Even if you do detach yourself from the outcome, refusing to give up can keep you trapped in an ongoing cycle of attachment to detachment and back to attachment again. There is great power in knowing how and when to give up.

How to Give Up: Giving up is usually associated with images of abandoning your dreams but this need not be the case. Instead, learn to see giving up as giving upwards. In other words, when you give up, give whatever it is you are giving up on, up to a Higher Power. Send it upwards to the All-Powerful Universal Mind to sort it out for you - to God, to your Higher Self or to whatever Higher Power resonates with you.

When you have tried everything else, to give up is really the most powerful action you can take. Interestingly, the etymology of "give up" has its roots in the old French surrendre, which means to "deliver over". In this case, it is to deliver your intention over to God. So, next time you say "I give up", imagine your intention being sent upwards and really ask God to create it or sort it out for you. Then let it go and know it is now in the hands of Omnipotence.

When to Give Up: Knowing when to give up is just as important as knowing how to do so. Only give up when you have done everything in your own power to achieve the outcome you intend. In other words, do not give up if there is still something within your own power that you can do. Giving up before you have done everything you can, is really just a decision that it is too much hard work for you to bother with (and of course that's ok if you no longer want it). The problem is, that too often, too many people give up too soon and in so doing truly do abandon their dreams and intentions. Endeavour to treat giving up as the last resort.

How Giving Up is Different to Detachment: To detach from your intended outcome is one of the keys to consciously create your reality. You can choose to detach at any given moment and when you do, you continue to take action towards the outcome you want. In contrast, you must first reach the end of all that you can do before you give it up. Giving up in this way is the last action you take towards a specific outcome.

How to Know You Have Done Everything You Can: Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results". Use this as your guide to giving up. In other words, when you find that you have tried everything (usually a number of times and in different ways) but you are still getting the same unwanted results or see that nothing is changing, then hand it over in its entirety to your Higher Power. You are the only one who can gauge if not giving up is harming you and holding you back from fully experiencing your life.

Trust Your Instinct: Your inner voice will urge you on or advise you to stop and hand it over. When you are just too tired to try yet another way, just send it upwards to your Higher Power. Of course, you may sense that what you want is beyond your own personal power from the outset, in which case sending it upwards at the starting block is the most appropriate action to take.

The Role of the All-Powerful: It is never too soon to place the All-Powerful behind your every word, thought and action. In fact, doing so is your greatest ally when consciously creating your reality. But do not confuse this with handing it over to Omnipotence. Even with Omnipotence behind your every step, you must still make a personal effort and take the appropriate action in the direction of that which you want.

In contrast, when you hand it over there is no action left to take on your part. That’s it. You let it go and you get on with your life. Have faith that the All-Knowing Universal Mind, of which you are a part, knows the best outcome for you, and be at peace with whatever that may be. It is better to give up than to live in hope in the absence of faith. Hope without faith is doubt by another name. Sometimes our refusal to give up is the very thing that prevents us from getting what we want. Know that handing it over to your Higher Power opens you up to the realm of miracles. In fact, to "let go and let God" is sometimes the only way of receiving that which you want so dearly.

In a nutshell, there is great power in knowing how and when to give up. Giving up too soon in the sense of abandoning what you want, will leave you feeling deflated, while never giving up (despite trying over and over again), will leave you feeling physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. The alternative is to learn to see giving up as giving it upwards to your Higher Power. Having the courage to let it go and hand it over to God, while having the satisfaction that you have tried everything you can, is accompanied by a great sense of release and inner peace. Giving up in this way, leaves you suspended in perfect balance between empowerment and disempowerment. Do not be afraid to give up. It is the last thing you can do.


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