The DREAMALITY Online Weekend Seminar

The Dream Nature of Reality and the Theory of Dimensional Jumping

28 October 2017 - Saturday
Time: 17:00 BST, 12:00 EDT, 11:00 CDT & 09:00 PDT
Duration: 4-5 hours


Picking up where the Adventure of I leaves off, join me, Tania Kotsos, for a life-changing one-day online seminar during which we will explore the dream nature of reality and the theory of dimensional jumping. Ask yourself, am I dreaming? What if this physical reality is really all a dream? Try as hard as you can to tell the difference between your experience in this physical world, and your experience in your dream world from the point of view of the you in the dream, and you will realise that really, there is no difference whatsoever. And if there is no difference, other than your conditioned way of thinking, then how do you know that you are not dreaming when you are awake, as much as you are dreaming when you are asleep? The answer is you don’t. You can only ever put it to the test, which is what the upcoming online Dreamality Seminar is all about.

Learn how the Real You is the timeless consciousness in which the dream world arises. You are the screen, so-to-speak, not what is playing on the screen. Behind the screen, all past, present and future possibilities exist at the same time. But which possibility is played on the screen can only ever be a projection of the one brought into view through your mental focus, whether consciously or not.

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IMPORTANT: The early-bird registration price of U$95 is available until October 11 - the full price is U$115!

Dimensional jumping is akin to waking up and learning to direct the dream that is your reality, rather than have it directed for you by your sub-conscious thoughts, beliefs and expectations as most dreams are. It transforms imagination into a liquid tool of shifting from one dream state or dimension to another more perferable one, rather than trying to change the dimension you are currently in at its own level. You are in fact shifting dimensions all the time, albeit without your conscious participation. The point is to do so consciously and intentionally, which is what the Dreamality Seminar will teach you.

The live meditations that I will guide you through during the seminar are not
available anywhere else and are the result of many years of meditative practice on my part,
and ultimately what I can only call Divine Inspiration!

The Dreamality Seminar is an intensive one-day seminar that will start with looking at the dream nature of reality and the timelessness of the Universe. You will also learn about the Kingdom of the King and Queen within, what attachment really is and how to deal with it effortlessly. Next, we will explore the theory of dimensional jumping. I call it a theory because it is just that. The proof is in the practice itself because if you do not put it into practice it remains a theory. You will learn practical methods to choose and shift amid the infinite possibilities along all timelines available to you, step-by-step.

This seminar will be presented live by me, Tania Kotsos, so it is also an opportunity to bring any questions you may have to the table. The seminar marks the peak and consolidation of my knowledge gathered over the last 18 years, and what you will learn goes well beyond what you will find on my or any other website, seminar or book.

Seminar Dates: 28 October 2017
at 17:00 BST, 12:00 EDT, 11:00 CDT & 09:00 PDT

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The Dreamaility Seminar will provide you with the practical tools to transform the theory of dimensional jumping into a subjective experience, while first setting the scene with the dream-like nature of reality, the timelessness of the Universe, and the nature of your Real Self. The meditations alone are enough to transform your understanding and your reality in ways you perhaps cannot quite yet imagine.



IMPORTANT: The early-bird registration price of U$95 is available until October 11 - the full price is U$125!

The knowledge, clarity, insights and practical techniques you will gain from
The Dreamality Seminar are not available through any other seminar, website or book!

How The Dreamality Online Seminar works:

• The intensive online seminar is a 1 day online seminar.
• The duration of the seminar is 4-5 hours depending on questions with three breaks.
• The seminar is delivered live by the author of The Adventure of I and Mind Your Reality - Tania Kotsos.
• Each seminar is limited to 24 participants and includes interactive Q&A sessions.
• Calling into the seminar from your PC is free.
• All you need is a mic, speakers or earphones (for privacy) and pen & paper to take notes.
• The seminar is recorded and is available to listen to online for at least 1 month after the seminar date.
• Upon booking, you'll be directed to a confirmation page. Access details will be sent nearer to the start date.

Seminar Date: 28 October 2017
at 17:00 BST, 12:00 EDT, 11:00 CDT & 09:00 PDT



IMPORTANT: The early-bird registration price of U$95 is available until October 11 - the full price is U$125!


Here is a small selection of reviews from past participants of online seminars, although the knowledge in the upcoming seminar has never before been expressed in any seminar!

After forty years of mind power study, I was still searching for answers. How does Nature appear to possess consciousness for the creation of everyday miracles? Is the Infinite Mind (God) judgmental? What happens to us after physical death? How does reality creation really work? How can we make the required mind shift to rise above the Physical Plane? These questions and many more are thoroughly answered in the book and on-line seminar, "The Adventure of I" with author, Tania Kotsos. Tania has created a structured, corroborative and authoritative work that provides answers to humanity's deepest questions. As you read the chapters, you will feel a resonance that will confirm the validity of the author's description of the Universal Laws, Principles and Planes of Consciousness based on her years of research into ancient and modern day texts. She provides insights into the strange "coincidences" we have all experienced, "epiphanies when you did not previously have knowledge" and why intuition is usually right. If you are a serious seeker and driven to know the truth, Tania Kotsos has written a masterpiece. The seminar goes even further to explain the Infinite, plus it is a wonderful opportunity to peer into the mind that has created a literary work for the ages.

~ Fred Allen, Florida, USA (April Online Seminar, 2014)

I participated in Tania's January Mind Your Reality online seminar - a two-day "intensive" in the best sense of the word. I have books and mentors who teach Universal Laws, and the more I learn the more I want to know, which is how I found Tania. While the material presented wasn't new to me, Tania's ability to organize and teach an immense amount of information in a logical, step-by-step format was. She laid the groundwork for the laws by helping us understand how our minds work, and then continued to weave that knowledge - along with the laws, how they work and are interrelated - together into one big framework that made absolute sense. Her guided meditations helped anchored what we'd just learned, and maintained a high energy for the group. I was fully engaged for the entire weekend. If you know you are the co-creator of your world and seek the knowledge that will help you manifest your desires, take this seminar. You won't find a more complete or concise course in any one place. Tania is a remarkable teacher of the most important subject any of us can possibly learn.

~ Pauline Kehm, New York, USA (January Online Seminar, 2013)

Over the two days of the seminar I feel you really poured out your essence on the subject matter. I got a feeling of honesty, integrity, a true willingness to share and most of all Love; a love that felt is ABSOLUTE! Tania, as I mentioned before after a seminar in London, you are a true inspiration to the human race and I feel you have already created a legacy. I am sure all the other participants would agree. I would urge every single person reading this to make an attempt to attend one of these life-changing events. Thank you so much once again - Joy - Love.

~ Desmond, Northampton, England (January Online Seminar, 2013)

I have been a student of "the power of the mind" for a few years now and have found Tania's work at "Mind Your Reality" to be the most comprehensive and practical of any I have found. Her ability to explain these great, mysterious philosophies and universal laws is unparalleled. I recently attended one of her online weekend seminars and was blown away with what I learned and the understanding I gained from her vast knowledge on the subject of mind power. Tania has a unique ability to relay her profound understanding in a simple, yet practical way. I am excited for where this learning experience will take me in my own life! I highly recommend all of her writings and her seminar if you want to truly understand the power that resides in your own mind!

~ Mark Elison, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (January Online Seminar, 2013)

I attended Tania's online webinar and I was blown away. All my expectations were exceeded and all her promises were kept. Tania's knowledge on the topic of universal principles is unparalleled and her experience and expertise shines through and through. She genuinely has a passion for teaching people how to enrich their life's experience. The value I got from the seminar outweighs it's cost a hundred times over at least which was VERY affordable to begin with. I cannot recommend Tania Kotsos highly enough.

~ Doron, South Africa (November Online Seminar, 2012)

If you've always wanted to understand the Laws of the Universe and how to get what you want in life, this seminar is the clearest and most powerful I've seen. Tania Kotsos explains complex ideas and packs an enormous amount of content into two days. And yet, as content rich as this seminar is, she explains things so simply, and so clearly that I was never once overwhelmed. Her answers to individual questions are clear, direct, and grounded - no mumbo jumbo that doesn't really answer the question. Tania is the real deal. I would absolutely take any seminar she delivers and wholeheartedly recommend her. This seminar is easily worth ten times what she charges. Run, don't walk, the next time it's offered.

~ Patty B, Pennsylvania, US (November Online Seminar, 2012)

I highly recommend the weekend seminar: Tania has put together an excellent body of knowledge and communicates it in an easy to understand and engaging way. You may have worked through or been aware of some of the materials already but Tania is able to piece together practical application of concepts that are useful in the context of your personal life and circumstances. "Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny." - Mahatma Ghandi. If you'd like to become more conscious of ways to intercept and rise above the life patterns Ghandi describes in this quote you're in the right place. I am writing this 2 weeks after participating and have found it to have been a very worthwhile investment.

~ Oliver, United States (November Online Seminar, 2012)

I knew that this seminar would answer many of my questions. But what I've got out at the end of the seminar is simply unbelievable. Not only have I got all the answers to my questions, I've got a formula for life to live my life with the purpose and achieve anything effortlessly. I can honestly say that this seminar has changed my life forever and I am truly grateful to Tania. You cannot get this material anywhere else and Tania is simply brilliant and her passion and energy to teach people is simply outstanding

~ Nalinda Karunaratna,, Australia (October Online Seminar, 2012)

I am so very happy that I attended your Mind Your Reality seminar this month. The lessons I have learnt are truly invaluable and will certainly assist me in rising above my automated subconscious programming. It was fascinating learning about the 7 Universal laws especially the all important Law of Polarity. It was quite a ground breaking moment when I realized that everything in my current reality was mirroring my consciousness, thus I have to take full responsibility for what was or wasn't in my life. The various meditations through out the seminar were great tools learnt, especially the Polarizing Meditation which I have put into practice daily, along with the Power Words and Star Exercise to increase my life force. I've learnt the importance of detachment when creating my reality and to not take life so seriously. Your presentation was excellent Tania and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

~ Vanessa, South Africa (October Online Seminar, 2012)

I just wanted to write to you to once again express my deepest and most sincere gratitude for the weekend seminar. I feel the wealth of insight, and knowledge you shared has been the very thing I've been seeking for some time. And to have you present it with such depth and succinctness is nothing short of amazing. Your seminars are truly "a course in miracles".

~ Christopher, United States (October Online Seminar, 2012)

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Seminar Date: 28 October 2017
at 17:00 BST, 12:00 EDT, 11:00 CDT & 09:00 PDT



IMPORTANT: The early-bird registration price of U$95 is available until October 11 - the full price is U$125!

Seats are limited per webinar and I work on a first-come first-serve basis. Do not hesitate to reserve your seat. E-mail me at or via the contact form if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you online at The Dreamality Online Seminar.

Here's to Your Mind!

Here's to Your Adventure!

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