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Positive Dominates Negative

Every thing, whether tangible or intangible, in the manifested universe has two poles – the positive and the negative. In nature, the positive is dominant and the negative is submissive. This means that the positive is directive and the negative is receptive, just as is the positive anode of a battery and its opposite, negative cathode. When it comes to your mental world, your conscious mind is the positive and your subconscious mind is the negative, your inner mental image is the positive and your outer manifested universe is the negative, and finally, your will is the positive and your desire is the negative. This means that your conscious mind is intended to direct the messages passed to your subconscious mind for creation, your inner world mental images are intended to direct your outer world manifestations and not the other way round, and your will is intended to either direct and keep your heart's desire in place or consciously choose not to desire it any more. Learn to abide by nature and let the positive dominate the negative.

The True Meaning of Balance

Balance is ΝΟΤ an equal measure of good and bad. There are two sides to everything – a positive and a negative without any implication of good and bad. Balance is the rhythmic continuous interchange between the two sides where each side transmutes into the other and back again. In other words, true balance is an equal measure of giving and receiving. Just like the anode of a battery gives and the cathode receives, only to re-give to the anode and the cycle goes on. To give only is like trying to exhale all the time without ever taking a breath, whereas to receive only can be likened to breathing in and trying to hold your breath indefinitely without exhaling. Both inhaling and exhaling are necessary for the balanced expression of life. Visualize yourself inhaling your heart's desire and re-giving it to the Universe by exhaling it out.

God IS the Equation

God or Univerasl Spirit isn't part of the equation or the process. God is the equation, God is the process. To the degree that you recognise your absolute unity with God, is the degree to which you can consciously determine the outcome of your personal equation that you experience as your personal Universe.

Your Maxim


The ability to think consciously is what separates human beings from the plant and animal kingdoms and what distinguishes them amongst themselves. In turn, your ability to think allows you to proclaim the most profound and powerful statement - I AM - from the highest level of awareness. And the Real You that says I AM, freely uses the power of your Will to direct your life in accordance with your heart's desires. This is what it means to finally say I Will.

I Think, therefore I Am, therefore I Will.

Rise Above Your Past Negative Experiences

Too many people create their life in the shadow of their past negative experiences and so fail to achieve the success for which they strive. Know that you can free yourself from the negative influence of a past experience by identifying and changing the beliefs that attracted it in the first instance, by changing your perception of it, and by placing your experience back in the past where it belongs, rather than carrying it with you indefinitely. When you learn to see your negative experiences as an opportunity to learn and change something about yourself, you will find the pain you once felt will have been transformed into gratitude for a lesson well learnt.

Wake Up to Your Higher Consciousness

Your higher consciousness knows that the physical, outside world you experience as your reality "is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" as Einstein told us. It knows that your circumstances, whether wanted or unwanted, are simply a reflection of your inner world which itself is a product of your thoughts. It knows that your reality is the mirror that allows your consciousness to experience itself. In this knowledge, your higher consciousness is always still and at peace. It observes your success and your failure, your joy and your pain, your light and your dark and is not disturbed by anything. Ultimately, it knows that it is all a dream. It is urging you to wake up and become lucid so that you can direct your dream rather than let it direct you.

The Conscious Creation Process in a Nutshell

Concentrated thought, backed by emotion, triggers the process whereby energy in its undifferentiated, potential state is transmuted into energy in its differentiated, physical state, that is in turn attracted to its original corresponding source (i.e. the thinker) through the great Law of Attraction. This is the essence of conscious creation and it applies to anything you intend to create in your physical world, from the material to the more abstract. Having said this, unlike the spiritual realm where cause and effect are instantaneous such that they appear inseparable, we must account for time in the physical realm. The greater your faith, the greater the probability of that which you intend, and the greater your concentrated thought backed by emotion, the faster that the corresponding manifestation of your mental image will materialise in the physical realm. In simple terms, here is a formula for the conscious creation process: undifferentiated energy (static mind) --> concentrated thought backed by emotion (mind in action) --> incubation period (time in the physical realm) --> material energy (mind in form) --> returned to source (thinker).

Is it Sensible to Rely on Your Senses?

Your rational mind relies heavily on your five senses to perceive reality, in what essentially is an attempt to keep you safe. In fact, most people rely exclusively on their sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell to interpret their reality as these are the five senses that allow human beings to interact with and experience the physical world. However, just like you should not judge a book by its cover, nor should you judge reality by its appearance. After all, your five physical senses are compelling enough to convince you that you are sitting still while reading these words, when in fact you (and everything on Earth) are rotating at an incredible pace of approximately 66,660 miles per hour (107,278.87 km/h) around the sun.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Learn to recognise yourself in other people. Everything and everyone is your mirror. It is only when you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgement and there is no room to feel like a victim of another person's actions or words. There is only room for real love based on understanding and gratitude. Compromise comes easy, forgiveness is a given and growth is inevitable.

Mental Architecture

You may already know that when you visualize your intended outcome it is best that you see the image in your mind as clearly as possible. While seeing the image is not absolutely necessary, it does strengthen your creative power as it makes it easier to back it up with emotion. No matter what your experience has been to date, know that as long as you have seen a vivid dream (and everyone has) then you too can visualize visually. To help you do so you can create the image in your mind by constructing it from scratch. Start by contemplating an idea of the image in your mind, next see the outline or framework of the image as if it were an architect’s blueprint and once you have the blueprint in mind, fill it in to complete the image. As you become more adept at doing so, bring your image to life, adding sound, colour, motion and scent. Take your time and be patient with yourself.

Thought Without Emotion is Lifeless

You may have heard that your thoughts are alive and they are but it is emotion and feelings that give creative life to your thoughts. A thought, in the absence of emotion, is but short-lived and its creative power is the same. To give life to the thought of your intended outcome, back it with positive emotion. The good news is of course that this means there is no need to worry about your random thoughts manifesting, especially those little recurring thoughts of doubt. In this way you can let go of them rather than focus on or fear them. Just remember, the more positive emotion you can muster up about your intended outcome as if already complete in the present moment, the greater its power to draw together the necessary ingredients for its manifestation.

Thought Without Emotion is Lifeless

You may have heard that your thoughts are alive and they are but it is emotion and feelings that give creative life to your thoughts. A thought, in the absence of emotion, is but short-lived and its creative power is the same. To give life to the thought of your intended outcome, back it with positive emotion. The good news is of course that this means there is no need to worry about your random thoughts manifesting, especially those little recurring thoughts of doubt. In this way you can let go of them rather than focus on or fear them. Just remember, the more positive emotion you can muster up about your intended outcome as if already complete in the present moment, the greater its power to draw together the necessary ingredients for its manifestation.

The Power of a Single Objective

Just as is the case with a radio station, when you tune into a particular frequency, the mental frequency of the image held in your mind will correspond with its manifested outcome. At the same time, however, just like when there are many overlapping radio frequencies you struggle to tune into the particular frequency of your choice, so when you have many overlapping and contradictory thoughts or mental images the outcome in your manifested world appears random and unintentional. Select one objective at a time and hold it fervently in your mind until it has manifested. Once it has, immediately move on to the next single objective. This is the most efficient way to use the power of your mind.

What Do You Really Want?

Do you really know what you want? To know what you want you must know its purpose for you. Say you want a relationship with a specific person. You will find that it is not necessarily the specific person you want, but the love, intimacy and inner satisfaction that comes with a relationship, only that you have attached that purpose as being able to be fulfilled by that specific person. Be careful not to confuse what you really want with an idea of that thing. It is best to find and focus on the underlying reasons of your desire, and you will find it much easier to create and sustain the positive emotion and concentrated thought necessary for its fulfillment without attachment.

When Hard Life Lessons Keep On Coming

Many people who embark down the road of spiritual advancement may suddenly find that hard life lessons come thick and fast. They wonder why and may even land up resigning themselves to the conclusion that "none of this works". Somewhat paradoxically though, these lessons do not present themselves despite your attempt to grow spiritually but rather as a result of it. This is because they present themselves to highlight your wrong thinking and disempowering beliefs that are at the back of your unwanted circumstances. But, instead of welcoming them as light posts for what needs to be corrected so that we can attain our intended outcome, we wallow in their pain and lose sight of their purpose. Learn to accept and even welcome them as the necessary stepping stones for you to learn, correct and rise above the thoughts and beliefs that are hidden behind them. When you do this, you will find that the associated pain will have been transformed into a source of incredible power.

Attachment is Giving Away Your Power

The instant you attach yourself to a specific person's actions or words or to a certain outcome, you give your power away to external forces and circumstances. In effect, you give away your power to create your own reality. To be attached to any thing or to any one is to tell yourself that you are somehow incomplete without that person, thing or event in your life. In so doing you fail to see the divine perfection in what is, as it is. Instead, you create within yourself a desperate need to control the process and a sense of doubt as to whether what you want will manifest. Attachment breeds doubt and as Khalil Gibran said: "Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother".

Change the Invisible and the Visible Will Follow

As long as you are dealing with outside conditions and accepting them as real and as separate to you, you are operating from a place of secondary or relative causes that does little more than sustain your outside conditions and circumstances by setting in motion causes that will ensure more of the same outcome or effect. In contrast, when you recognise the mental image as the real cause, then your creative power is no longer limited by outside events, and you know that all you have to do to change the unwanted effects in your outside world, is to change the image held in your mind and not the other way round.

Accessing the Power of Universal Life Force

There exists a Universal Life Force that pervades all space. It is present in everything, both visible and invisible. It manifests in an infinite variety of forms, both tangible and intangible. This Universal Life Force is Mind. It is impersonal and so respects no one. It does no personal favours. It is not open to pleading, coaxing or begging. It does not judge how deserving you are or not. At the same time, Its All-Powerful services are equally available to everyone, provided that the correct and necessary effort is exerted. Without the exertion of the proper effort, whether consciously or sub-consciously, Its power can be of no service to you. Just like you cannot benefit from the power of electricity without the proper direction, so you cannot benefit from Universal Life Force without knowing how to consciously direct it for your benefit.

Adjusting Your Reality Thermostat

Given the creative nature of your mind, remembering the past and observing life through the filters of your beliefs only serves to keep your reality consistent. In this way, your reality has a logical continuity to it that makes sense and there are usually no big deviations from "normality". This can be likened to a thermostat that automatically readjusts if the temperature rises above or falls below a pre-set level. In other words, by constantly observing your outer world you re-enforce it and keep it in place thanks to your internal mental thermostat and this amounts to giving your outer world dominion over your inner world. By changing your inner world while observing your outer neutrally, you get to change your mental thermostat and in so doing, change your experience of what is "normal" for you.

Are You Exercising Your Free Will?

Free will is defined as the ability to make choices free from constraints. You may believe that you freely choose your thoughts, your words and your actions yet all three are constrained by the sub-conscious hypotheses that you have adopted about life that together make up your belief system. Moreover, all of your beliefs are based on your perception about your experiences and were locked in place by the age of around seven. In other words, if you are not consciously choosing your thoughts, and hence the words and actions that are born out of those thoughts, then your life is being run in strict accordance with a seven year old version of yourself. Likewise, if you let your desires and your fears rule the day which themselves come part and parcel with your beliefs, then again you are their slave rather than their master. Where is the freedom of will in that? Your true Will belongs to your higher self and says “I am” free of all emotional, mental and physical constraints. Do not confuse your true Will with the stubbornness of your personality. The latter leaves you feeling obsessed and disempowered, whereas the former leaves you feeling balanced and empowered in the knowledge that your Will has its origin in Cosmic Will.

The Long, Long Search for Love

Your ongoing search for love on the physical plane is really a search to be re-united with the Divine Love that you already know, at a deeper level, resides within you. But most of us have not yet found this Divine Love within and so go on searching for it outside of ourselves in a specific person that we have singled out to love, only to be disappointed or to be so overwhelmed that we cling onto them out of fear of losing them. The truth is though that you are already and always will be loved beyond any love that you can possibly imagine. When you know that you are loved absolutely and no matter what by the All-Present Spirit that pervades the entire Universe, then you will find that you can love the person of your affections without attachment or fear. When you experience this indescribable Love within, then you are free to love freely here on Earth, in the knowledge that you are always loved no matter what and so have nothing to lose. If instead, in fear of losing it, you try to capture and imprison love in the physical realm then it will leave you, for all love wants is to be free. Let your heart know that you already have the love that you want!

The Paradox of Love:

We all want love yet so many of us land up getting hurt by love, only to want it more. One would think that the potential pain caused by love would makes us run away from it at its very first signs but instead we fall head-first again and again. This is the paradox of love. Like all enigmas though it can be solved. It is not love that hurts you but your attachment to the person that you love that is the root cause of your pain. Your attachment is what gives rise to the fear of losing that person, and then unbeknown to you, your thoughts, your words and your actions are driven by that fear, which in turn feeds your attachment. This vicious cycle of attachment and fear is the number one cause of your pain. To love without the fear of loss is to love without attachment. It is to rise in love rather than to fall in love.

Know Thyself

Inscribed at the Ancient Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece was the greatest maxim of all - "Know Thyself". To know yourself is not to know your strengths and your weaknesses, your likes and your dislikes. This really amounts to not knowing yourself. Know thyself really means to know your Real Nature as your Real Self. It is to know the immense power carried in the declaration "I am" in the knowledge that you are the creative center of your infinite Universe. Only when you know yourself beyond the senses of the physical body and the emotions and thoughts of the personality can you be yourself and intelligently choose your experience. Know Thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the Universe.

The Power of Confident Expectation

To create your intended outcome you must demonstrate confident expectation that you will receive that which you intend in your life. Having said this, never confuse confidence with arrogance. To have confidence is to know that your power is one in the same with and has its origin in Universal Power. In contrast, arrogance is to believe that your creative power is yours and yours alone and that it originates with you. This does nothing more than limit your power to the personal rather than open it up to the Impersonal Universal. It is an extreme that the Law of Rhythm will seek to balance by humbling you, not as some sort of punishment but rather just because nature always seeks balance. And incidentally, confidence has its origin in the Latin word confidere that means "with full trust and reliance". So, confident expectation really means to expect the fulfillment of your heart's desire with full trust in and reliance on Universal Spirit.

The Master Formula for Attainment

William Walker Atkinson's Master Formula for Attainment is by far the most accurate formula for successfully and intelligently creating your intended outcome. Here it is: "You may have anything you want, provided that you (1) know exactly what you want, (2) want it hard enough, (3) confidently expect to obtain it, (4) persistently determine to obtain it, and (5) are willing to pay the price of its attainment."

A Short Lesson in the Planes of Existence

Ancient teachings tell us that human beings have their existence on seven planes each having a different rate of vibration and each having seven sub-divisions. The highest plane is the Divine, which is incomprehensible to the ordinary human mind while the lowest or densest plane is the physical in which we have our physical existence. One up from the physical is the astral plane of our emotions, passions and desires, then the mental plane of our particularized thoughts and higher ideas. Next up is the Buddhic or Intuitional Plane of Divine Intuition and universal thoughts. This is followed by the Spiritual plane of your Higher Self or true Ego and Will. Above this is the Monadic Plane that is the plane of the individualized Divine Spark within each of us and this plane is said to be inhabited by Spiritual Beings so spiritually advanced over man as man is over the earthworm. Finally, this brings us to the highest plane of all that is the Divine Plane - The Absolute or God.

Let Your Life Flow

Everything flows, nothing stays the same - change is the only constant. Instead of going against nature, let your life flow and fearlessly allow for change by adopting a care-free attitude while positively observing your outer world. Relax and do not try to control the outcome. Remember to allow for time just like you do when you plant a seed in the darkness of the soil, for time is nothing more than a measure of change in the physical world. The greatest forces of the Universe are those that are allowed to flow.

Will the Real You Please Stand Up

The ego that is wrapped up in your personality, that is the character you play in the physical world, is NOT you. Rather, it is the counterfeit ego that you associate yourself with out of ignorance of your higher self. It is that part of you that is so wrapped up in the sensory feedback provided by your outer physical world and that insists on being right. Your higher self or super-conscious mind is the Real You. Your higher self is the you that is beyond your physical senses and perceived experiences of the physical world and above the emotions of your mental world. The Real You is the Ego with a capital E in the original sense of the Greek word of Εγώ (pronounced Ego with a low-toned e and o), meaning "I". The "I" that is the Real You says "I am" in full authority and since the distinguishing quality of mind is the ability to think, the "I" says "I think, therefore, I am".

Know When to Stop

Sometimes on this path of conscious reality creation your efforts, if taken to an extreme, can become more destructive than constructive. As is the case with everything, this knowledge can lift you up or bring you down depending on how you use it. If you set out to control every little thing, if you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong or does not show up in your life, if you become obsessed with the outcome and live in the fear of its opposite, if one day you feel empowered and the next powerless, then you know that it is time to just put it all aside for now. It is better to live in ignorance of this knowledge than to mentally torment yourself in this way. The most effective way to use this knowledge is with a calm mind, as if it were a game or an experiment. If you are not enjoying its application, then you will not enjoy its results.

Use Your Will to Temper Your Mind

The only way to temper your mind and bring it under your direction is to use your will. Your will belongs to your higher self and, when consistently applied, its power can bring anything under its direction. But, and this is a big but, when you first set out to restrict your mind to your will's direction it will kick and scream and bring up every negative thought and image it can think of, in an attempt to hold onto its unchecked freedom. Think of your untrained mind like a spoilt child that has been left to its own devices for far too many years without any specific instruction or direction. As is the case with children though, your mind wants boundaries and yearns for discipline. As you apply your will, its temper tantrums will become less and less and its willingness to be directed will increase, more so as it experiences the positive results of your direction. Be gentle but firm with your mind.

The Duality Trap of Fear

Any time you panic that something you desire is not going to happen or your worry that your circumstances are not reflecting your desired mental images, you are handing over dominion to your outer physical world over your inner mental world. In this way you are cancelling out the mental energy that you may have already directed to your desired mental image. It is tantamount to believing that there is a power outside of you that is greater than Universal Power and is preventing your mental image from materializing. Fear, worry and doubt trap you in a duality battle of on the one hand not believing you have the power to alter or affect your circumstances and on the other, fearing that you will have to strain consistently to do so. To let go of fear, all you need do is let go of your attachment to the outcome and to do that all you need is faith.

Find Your Freedom in Self-Discipline

The most important mental ingredient for mastering your mind is self-discipline. Many people struggle with the idea of self-discipline wrongly believing that it is a restriction on their sense of freedom. But in truth it is only through self-discipline that you can find your freedom otherwise you are nothing more than a slave to your moment by moment whims, fears and desires. Self-discipline brings your desires under the control of your will, thereby giving you the freedom of choice to do what you know must be done to achieve your outcome while not allowing your momentary desires and fears to rule you. It is only a tightened string that is free to play music.

Reconciling Like Attracts Like with Opposites Attract

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. This though appears to contradict the long-held observation that opposites attract. The confusion arises because of the generic way in which both these statements have been made. The truth is that it all comes down to balance. Balance attracts balance while imbalance attracts an equal but opposite imbalance in order to cancel the other out, itself in search of balance. Once you get this, you will get the Law of Attraction which is nothing more than nature's constant search for balance. Think about it this way, if opposites really did attract wouldn't the north and south poles of a bar magnet be concentrated in its center rather than at its opposite ends?

The Secret is to Keep it a Secret

Haven't you found that telling someone about your heart's desire leaves you feeling less certain of its outcome and as if you are tempting fate. Tempting fate is nothing more than speaking too soon. In fact, another way of saying "I tempted fate" is "I spoke too soon". This is because thought belongs to the mental and spiritual realms while speech belongs to the physical realm. As long as that something which you want to experience has not yet appeared in your physical world, then it must be left, uninterrupted in the higher vibratory realms where all creation takes place. Speech disperses concentrated mental energy, so keep your heart's desire a sacred secret between you and God. Give your desires the time to physically materialise before speaking about them. Trust your intuition when you hear that inner whisper that says "don't say it". Just keep quiet!

The Power of Giving Up(wards)

Most people deem giving up to be cowardly, in the ignorance that to "try, try and try again", may be the less courageous and less effective thing to do. Learn to see giving up as giving upwards. In other words, when you give up, give whatever it is you are giving up on, up to a Higher Power. Send it upwards to God, to Universal Mind, to your Higher Self or to whatever Higher Power resonates with you. Having the courage to let it go and hand it over to God, while having the satisfaction that you have tried everything you can, is accompanied by a great sense of release and inner peace. Do not be afraid to give up. It is the last thing you can do.

The Spiritual Realm and Time

All things visible come from the invisible. In other words, everything you experience in the visible physical realm, both tangible and intangible, has its origin in the invisible Spiritual realm. Know that when you desire something with all your heart and concentrate on that mental image with faith, then it is instantly created in the Spiritual realm, as it is beyond space and time. This is why it is necessary to visualize your desired outcome in the present moment because in the Spiritual realm there is no future or past as we know it. Also, the Spiritual realm, in which your desire already exists, is not somewhere out there or physically above you. It is exactly where you are - only, given its higher vibration, you cannot view it with your physical eyes. For something to materialize in the physical world from the Spiritual all that is needed is time. Steadfastly hold the mental image of your desire in place with your will and give it time. Give it time.

The Concentrated Power of Your Will

You must use your will to keep the mental image of your desire in place. In the absence of your will, your desire is left to wander aimlessly and is easily overridden by other mental images of lesser momentary desires or fears. Failing to concentrate your will on a specific outcome and holding it there, significantly diminishes your mental power to create your desire. Just like when a magnifying glass is moved aimlessly about there is no result but when you hold it steady and let the sun's rays be concentrated through it then the result is fire. In other words, your will allows for the creation of your desires to literally be ignited. This is not the same as being attached to the outcome. It is about knowing what you want and learning to stay focused.

Your Universe is Your Magic Mirror

Your Universe is a magic mirror reflecting back to you all that is held within your own consciousness. To change the reflection, that is your experiences and your circumstances, you need only shift your consciousness. There is no need to try to influence, convince, coax or manipulate anything or anyone in your outside, physical world. Attempting to modify your physical world by working on the physical plane alone really amounts to manipulating a printed photo, expecting that the next time you print it out from its original negative, the changes will be reflected. Just like the same negative will always produce the same photo, so your unchanged consciousness will always produce the same results. Changing your consciousness is about raising your level of awareness to the realisation that your physical world is but a mirage created by your mind. And the higher the degree of your awareness that your Mind is One with the single Source of All Creative Power, so the higher the degree of your ability to create that which you truly desire in your outside physical world.

Attachment Cancels Out Attraction

You cannot attract to yourself what you are attached to! It can be no either way because what you want and what you don't want are just polar opposites of the same thing, and usually when you are attached to an outcome you are vibrating at the frequency of what you don't want because you are acknowledging over and over again that you don't have it by virtue of wanting it. This is why it is easier to attract or manifest something that you are not attached to because, whether consciously or not, you are already acknowledging its opposite side and are not that bothered with it because you don't want it that much in any case and so are already willing not to have it. And when you are willing not to have something, there is nothing to be attached to and hence nothing to fear.

Let Go of Your Need to Be Right

The single greatest source of all strife, whether on a global or personal level, is the need to be right that by definition requires making someone or something else wrong. Your need to be right is born out of your subconscious survival programmes, which themselves are nothing more than a collection of your un-validated beliefs about life. The irony is, that by the Law of Polarity, the instant you take the one-side position that you are right, you are giving rise to and strengthening whatever it is you believe to be wrong. Being right fuels attachment to what you deem to be right and a fear of or resistance to its opposite that you judge as wrong. Instead of getting caught up in this unnatural battle of duality, create a context for your life that is big enough to include all sides and in that way you can focus on that which you intend for yourself, not because it's right and it's opposite is wrong, but rather because you simply choose to from a place of higher awareness. Choose to be happy instead of right.

There's No Need to Worry About the How

When wanting to direct Universal Energy to create your intended outcome there is no need to worry about the how, no matter how far removed your heart's desire may seem from your current circumstances. Worrying about how current obstacles will be overcome or reversed really amounts to limiting The Limitless to your own power. Being impersonal, Universal Mind adopts your own limits. By leaving the how up to Universal Mind then you can rest in the knowledge that your intended outcome is not in your human hands but rather in the hands of your Higher Self that is One with Omnipotence. In this way you will be guided to work through rather than resist obstacles, while others simply will disappear of their own accord.

What Frequency Are You On?

Every thought you entertain, every mental image you hold, corresponds to a very specific energy frequency, similar to that of a radio frequency. That frequency is sent out from your mind and how far it reaches and how long it lasts depends on the strength with which you held the thought or mental image. The stronger the frequency the more likely it is that its corresponding image will be created in your outer, physical world and the more likely that it will resonate and be strengthened further by matching frequencies already in the ether or atmosphere. It is obvious then that you should focus on your desire and keep it in place with your will, while not allowing yourself to entertain doubts that serve only to weaken the strength of your signal and interfere in its clarity.

Gratitude is an Attitude of Grace

Be grateful for the greatest gift of all that is your life. Instead of focussing on what you don't have, focus on all that you do. Endeavour to make prayer part of your daily life in quiet contemplation, even if only to say thank you. But remember that gratitude is not about jumping up and down with excitement. Gratitude is an attitude of grace and there is nothing more graceful than being grateful to the Single Universal Source of All Power and All Knowledge that is your Creator.

What You Need to Control, Controls You

Creating your reality with the power of your mind is not about controlling everything. Rather, it is about focusing on what you want through your thoughts and mental images, without attachment or fear, and then handing over control to the One Source of All Power - The Absolute. If you set out to control the outcome, then the outcome itself is limited to your personal power and you impose those limitations on Universal Mind. Put another way, anything you need to control is in fact controlling you and is really nothing more than a lack of faith that is born out of attachment to the outcome. So let go of your need to control and replace it with a willingness to let go and to have faith in the limitless Universal Mind, of which you are a part. Use your mind power to direct but not to control.

The Mental Image is Real, NOT its Projection

This Universe of solid things is not real. It is but a reflection of the ideas of those things. Your ever-changing circumstances in the physical world are not real. They are but reflections of the mental images that you hold in your mind. The image is the only real thing because it belongs directly to Mind and Mind is all there is. Just like the movie projected on the movie screen is not real. It is the film-strip that contains the images that is real and not the projection that you are watching on the screen.

A Powerful Daily Affirmation

I unreservedly recommend Emile Coue's affirmation in his book Conscious Autosuggestion that has also become one of the cornerstones of the Silva Method. It goes like this: "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better". It is a balanced affirmation in that "better and better" does not raise mental resistance to something which your mind may deem unlikely or impossible. This is because "better" can only be relative to where you are in your current circumstances and so is no way extreme in its measure. Mentally repeat this affirmation throughout the day and it will give you a sense of peace and resolve to maintain a positive outlook, more so if you are just starting out on this path of conscious reality creation so as to give your mind the chance to internalise the belief that it really is you that creates your circumstances.

The Seven Universal Laws in a Nutshell

Everything is mind with the only difference being the rate or degree of vibration, while all things, seen and unseen, are analogous to each other. The pendulum swings in everything from the positive pole to the negative pole of the same thing, thereby creating a repetitive and on-going cycle of events, balancing and counter-balancing each other out, with the degree of positivity or negativity experienced, depending on the extremity of the polar opposites, that in your mental world, is determined by the extremity of your emotions, your desires and your fears.

The Evidence of Things NOT Seen

The single most important spiritual ingredient that is required when creating your reality is to have faith. By far the most poignant definition of faith comes from Hebrews 11:1 that says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Notice that the word substance implies something tangible, so faith makes your hopes tangible. Also, the word evidence suggests that even if you cannot physically see that which you want with your physical eyes, it already exists. Having faith is an all or nothing quality. You cannot have faith but live in doubt. And remember that faith born out of knowledge and understanding is not blind but rather, it is the clearest you will ever see.

Become Aware of Your Mind Power

It is your ability to intelligently use and direct your mind that is the single determining factor of the quality of your life. As is the case with any power, it can be of little or no use to you if you are not aware of it - despite its existence. Think about it this way: Before human beings learnt about electricity, they could not harness and apply its power although its potential existed all around them, yet today we take it for granted. Also, no one really discovered electricity. Man simply became aware of it and learnt how to apply and use it for his benefit. It was always there.

You Cannot Exhaust the Infinite

Being impersonal and limitless, there must by definition be no limit as to the number of mental images you can impress on the Universal Subjective Mind through your own subjective mind. In other words, you cannot exhaust the Infinite as it is not subject to space and time. Similarly, since the Universal Mind is undifferentiated energy that can be differentiated into any form or circumstance, the potential possibilities held within it are limitless. This means that the Universal Mind can bring forth any possibility into actualized form, with the final result being in direct proportion to your own belief or trust in Its Supreme Intelligence and Power.

Your Thoughts Belong to Universal Mind

Since all is mind and there is only ONE Universal Mind, of which your mind is a creative center, it stands to reason that your thoughts are Its thoughts and that your wants are Its wants. This means that Universal Spirit desires for you what you desire for yourself and the only thing standing in the way of your receiving your heart's desire is the limitations that you impose on Spirit through your limited thinking.

Doubt is Easier than Faith

The only reason we live in doubt is because it is easier than to live in faith albeit more painful. The truth though is that, when you understand that you are one in the same with Universal Spirit for which nothing is impossible, then faith becomes knowledge and when you truly know something there is no room for doubt.

Let Go of How Things Should Be

Let go of your attachment of how things "should be" and you will find that your fear of how things "shouldn't be" will also disappear. Stop pressurising life, and life will stop pressurising you. Everything changes and everything must flow. Accept it and go with it!

Release Your Fears

The easiest way to release your fears, is detachment from your desires. Being attached to a specific outcome, gives birth to the fear that it will not come to pass, and that fear in turn fuels your attachment further. And so, by the Laws of Polarity and Rhythm, a cycle is born whereby you are swung between a state of attachment and fear, both of which are the same thing only opposites in degree. To rise above this cycle, that only guarantees your failure to create that which you want, listen to these words: "To have something, you must be willing not to have it" and in the same way, "To win, you must be willing to lose". And in this way you can focus on and believe in that which you want, but without the attachment that comes with "I must have it" or the fear that it gives rise to of "I cannot live without it".

Who Are You?

You are Pure Spirit having a human experience in the physical world. You are One with Universal Spirit or Mind, which is All that Is. And being one with Universal Mind, beyond the restrictions of space and time, you share in the Omnipotence of Its power entirely. But it is up to you to raise your level of awareness, because Universal Mind, being impersonal and unchangeable, cannot change Its inherent nature and lower Itself to your current level of awareness.

Fear is a Desire

Fear is itself nothing more than a desire, albeit a negative one. It is the intense desire for something NOT to happen. When you detach from what you want to happen, you can no longer fear it not happening and in that way you find balance.

Loosen Your Grip

Loosen your grip and let it go. And when you do, and only then, will you give whatever it is you want the chance to come to you, not only in your imagination but in your physical reality as well. Let go of even the idea of having to have it and give yourself the choice of being alright with not having it. Know that if you find yourself not being able to let go, it means that you are living in fear and attachment even if it feels like hope... so just let it go.

What You Need is Not Always What You Want

When things don't happen the way we want them to, realise that what happened may just be what you needed more than what you wanted.

Balance versus Imbalance

All that is good is born out of balance, and all that is bad is born out of imbalance. Universal Mind is All Good - any perceived evil is created through imbalanced thinking and imbalanced desires. The Law of Attraction, that like attracts like, means that balance attracts balance and that imbalance attracts equal but opposite imbalance - both in the name of balancing what is received and what is given.

Ask the Universe What You Can Do for It

Instead of asking the Universe for what you want, ask the Universe what you can give It, and in that way everything that is good will be added unto you. Not as some reward or even because you deserve it but because Nature always completes the cycle of giving and receiving in Its search for balance.


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