How to Change the Past with Revision

Changing the Past with Revision

Learn how to change the past using Neville Goddard's life-changing Revision Technique. Since the Universe exists timelessly, all possible versions of the past, present and future already exist. Revision is about imagining the version of a past experience that you would have wanted to have had, instead of the version that you did have. And since it already exists, by imagining it you bring it into your timeline and in so doing you don't only change the past but also the present moment and the future. Your wonderful imagination is the key to changing the past and all that follows.

What is the Revision Technique?

The Revision Technique, discussed in this article, is the most powerful way of changing the past because it changes a past negative experience in its entirety into the version of events you would have wanted to experience with no concern for the details of the original experience. This may appear to be something of a fanciful approach to dealing with the past but its power is beyond measure and should not be overlooked. Your results will speak for themselves.

Other Techniques for Changing the Past

There are another two techniques that you can use to change the past besides the Revision Technique. The article, How to Leave the Past Behind is about freezing unwanted experiences in the moment in time of their occurrence such that they do not follow you into your present moment. And the article, Change Perception by Changing Beliefs, discusses how to change your perception about past negative experiences by imagining that you had positive beliefs at the time. It's up to you to decide which technique, or a combination thereof, is most appropriate for the experience you are wanting to change.

All Past, Present and Future Possibilities Exist

Studies in the field of Quantum Physics conclude that the Universe is timeless, meaning that all possible versions of the past, present and future exist timelessly, including your past, present and future. Not just the versions you have already experienced in the past or the versions you believe you are likely to experience in the future—all possible versions. There is no need to understand the physics behind the timelessness of the Universe but you can most certainly use it to your greatest advantage when you know that you create your own reality with your thought power and more specifically, your imagination and feelings.

The past is not done and dusted with as you may have been told. You can change the past whether what you want to change is something that happened many years ago or just a few minutes ago. This is because your past exists at the quantum level and so does every version of it whether you have physically experienced it or not. This is exactly the same reason why imagining a future possibility of a desire as if taking place in the present moment, is in time manifested in the Physical Plane; because that version of events already exists.

While Neville Goddard did not touch on the physics of timelessness in his teachings, his Revision Technique that follows can be better understood and the 'logistics' behind how to change the past accepted against this backdrop.

TECHNIQUE: Revision to Change the Past

Put simply, revision is to change the past by imagining the version of a past experience that you wanted to have had instead of the version you experienced, whether the event occurred a long time ago or earlier today.

Step #1: Identify the Experience

The first step is to identify a past negative experience or event that you wish had gone differently to the way it did. It does not have to be a life-changing event, it could be something that for instance made you lose your temper earlier in the day that you wish you could change or something that did not happen that you wish had happened.

Step #2: Mentally Review the Event

Having chosen the event, simply review it in your mind without any judgement. And then decide how you would have wanted it to have happened—the best possible version that you can imagine or had hoped for at the time. This is your desired version of the past. Remind yourself when you decide upon the ideal version that it already exists timelessly, as do all possible versions. Have no concern about how it's going to work or why it does, just do the steps that follow.

Step #3: Imagine the Desired Version of the Past

Next, this is where the fundamentals of the Revision Technique come into play. In a relaxed state of body and mind, imagine yourself experiencing exactly what you wanted to have experienced and feel what it would feel like if you were experiencing it in the present moment. In other words, feel that it is real until what you are imagining feels totally natural to you without any sense of anxiety or even over-excitement. Relive the revised experience in your imagination over and over again until what you are mentally imagining begins to feel like it actually did happen that way. Endeavour to feel like you feel about all those experiences that have gone your way and are a natural part of your life without having to think about them.

Step #4: Believe in the New, Detach from the Old

Believe, in the moment, that what you have imagined is now really your past experience and do not question it. Let go of the original experience altogether as if it never happened and have no concern for its details. Just keep your imagination on your new already-existing version of events and then let it go, knowing that by the act of conscious imagination, it is now done, the past has changed.

As an aside, Steps 3 and 4 outlined above are the foundation of using your imagination to manifest anything you desire to create or experience in your life. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you read the article, Creative Visualization Step-by-Step Guide and all the related step-by-step articles, as they explain in detail just how to relax, imagine, feel that it is real, believe and detach.

Step #5: Open Your Eyes in Your New Timeline

When you are ready take a deep breath and as you exhale slowly open your eyes, knowing you are now in a new present moment because the past that has led up to it has changed. When you look around, you are unlikely to see any physical changes because the conscious creation process in the Physical Plane requires the passage of time. Just take a moment, however, to sense how different the invisible atmosphere of your present moment feels and how different you feel as well.

Even if nothing in your Physical Plane changes, your consciousness has changed because the past has changed and that is what is going to change your future. Believe that the past has changed because you have 'activated' the already-existing version you wanted through your imagination and so all events following it have also changed, then get on with your day. You can also drift off to sleep if you are visualizing before going to bed. Repeat the exercise as often as you like for the same event if you deem it necessary based on the way you feel about it.

Change the Past but Keep Yourself Grounded

While this Revision Technique is very powerful to not only change the past but also the present and future as well, I feel compelled to mention to keep yourself grounded in choosing what you want to revise. If a past event was final in the Physical Plane in the way it happened, the obvious example being in the case of death, I do not recommend that you attempt to revise it, at least not to 'undo' the event itself. You can of course revise your perception of it or how you acted and reacted.

I do not say this to limit you in what you choose to revise and change from the past, but rather to free you to create all those joyful possibilities that you can create. Nevertheless, you are the only one who can choose what to revise and your reality is always yours to create as you wish. When wanting to change the past, as is always the case, remember to keep it light. Make using your imagination fun and have faith in your wish fulfilled.


In a nutshell, the past is not set in stone the way you may up until now have believed it is. It is just as malleable as the future because all past, present and future possibilities already exist timelessly. You can change the past by revising it, which is to imagine a past event having gone exactly the way you had wanted it to go until it feels so real to you that the original event starts to feel unreal. By imagining in this way you change and correct your past, putting yourself on an altogether new path where your present moment and future are no longer coloured by the past unwanted event but instead are inspired by the one you have imagined.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 24 January 2021
Last Updated: 15 February 2022


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