The Advantages of Mind Power

Excerpts from Chapter 1: Introduction to The Adventure of I
from The Adventure of I By Tania Kotsos

The Advantages of Mind Power: Learning to apply the full potential of your mind power is simple but it is not easy. Indeed, it is a lifetime journey and is one of the most challenging objectives you can ever set out to attain. It is for this reason, however, that its rewards are immeasurable and far exceed any effort you may exert in its direction. Having said this, applying the power of your mind becomes considerably easier, and in time effortless, when at the level of self-awareness of the I within. This is because the Real You is at the height of your consciousness and is therefore, that part of you that is most self-aware, and also most powerful in directing your mind. Indeed, when you consciously identify with your Real Self, you can gain direct access to your full mental potential as a human being.

By applying your mind power at higher degrees of self-awareness, you get to wake up from the unconscious, auto-pilot mode that is behind what appears to be the randomness of your life. Instead, you get to direct your life in ways you never thought possible, to shift out of mere survival mode, and to experience the joy and happiness that is your birthright.

You get to make a new contract with yourself about what is possible for you, by going beyond your self-imposed limitations to the realm of limitless possibilities. You get to direct and create your desires, no matter how far removed your current circumstances may seem from your ideal. Moreover, you find solutions to problems that previously appeared insurmountable, and you experience a love for everything and everyone in the Universe, including yourself, that is beyond anything you may have experienced to date.

Reaching Entelecheia: Ultimately, by becoming consciously aware of your Real Self, you re-claim the immeasurable power of your mind, under the direction of your will, which enables you to say 'I THINK therefore I AM therefore I WILL', with full authority. In so doing, you become the master of your destiny, which is to actualise the highest potential of a human being that the Greek philosopher Aristotle referred to as attaining Entelecheia. Entelecheia means 'the attainment of perfection within', or put another way, the actualisation of a thing's full inherent potential. As is the case with any destination, however, to reach Entelecheia you must start at the very beginning of this most wonderful adventure of I that will in time, lead you to the centre of your being's reality where all power resides.

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