Dream Manifestation Wizard

Personally tried and recommended by Tania Kotsos

Tania's thoughts: The Dream Manifestation Kit is a great piece of software that brings life, colour and imagery to your visualisation sessions throughout your day. I have enjoyed great results using this software and I can confidently say that it has helped me in improving my conscious manifestation skills while having a lot of fun doing so. Below is an extract from Dream Manifesto's website..

The Dream Manifestation Wizard is an award winning software program that guides you in using intentions combined with images and audio, plus repetition, to re-program your subconscious in the most efficient way possible.

What If You Could Manifest Your Goals, Desires and Dreams in the Next 90 Days?
Use the Power of Neuro and Quantum Science to Imprint Your Mind on Autopilot With Your Personal Success Formula in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day.

What the Dream Manifestation Wizard Will Do for You:

How Does the Dream Manifestation Wizard Software Work?
Once started, the Wizard will ask you what goal or dream you want to manifest in your life. The built-in Dream Questionnaire can guide you in answering by exploring your strengths and talents. It will help you focus on what you really desire.

Once you know your dreams, you write them into a Dream Template. By adding related pictures and your own voice, you are creating a multimedia event for your senses. This alone will make you feel excited and motivated, and will improve the overall effectiveness of your creative power.

Next, use the Scheduler to decide how often you want to program your goals or dreams into your subconscious. This will train your mind to focus on your dreams and take the necessary steps that will ultimately result in manifesting your goals and dreams in life.

Relax, sit back and work normally on your computer. The Dream Manifestation Wizard runs in the background and will provide an audible cue â€" a gong â€" before it displays your multimedia Dream Template at intervals you've specified.

Now the magic happens!

Every time a Dream Template appears on your screen, you automatically place your attention on that goal, intention or dream, and almost as a matter of course, begin to manifest it. By using pictures and your own voice you effectively rewire your mind in no time at all.

Intention + Attention + Action = Manifestation

The Dream Manifestation Wizard creates an exact blueprint in your subconscious of what you want to manifest. Your subconscious mind will immediately start to work on turning your dream into reality. Experience the Magic of Turning Your Desires into Intention

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