Mind Power from Mind Your Reality

Mind Power from Mind Your Reality

At Mind Your Reality you will learn how to apply your mind power to consciously and intentionally create the life you desire. The aim is to get you to really know yourself. There is a greatness within you, which once you discover, can come to be reflected in everything you think, say and do. By learning the true nature of reality and the Laws that govern the Universe, you can begin to consciously direct your mind and ultimately, your life. Your mind is more powerful than perhaps you have ever dared to imagine. If you are new here, then carry on reading before diving into the articles. Alternatively, select one of the article categories below. You'll soon discover that the life-changing knowledge and unique perspective found on this site is not available anywhere else.

Mind Power Articles Universal Laws Articles Reality Creation Articles Higher Self Articles Success Secrets Articles Relationship Advice Articles Well-Being & Healing Articles Lessons from Science & Quantum Physics

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Mind power is not something you must acquire; you already possess it. All you have to do is become conscious of the power of your mind and learn to apply it. It is simple but do not be misled into believing that it is easy. Learning to effectively and intelligently apply your mind power is a life-time journey, not a quick-stop destination, and the rewards you reap will more than compensate you for the greatest of your efforts.

Essentially, the premise of Mind Your Reality, is that the underlying substance of the manifested Universe is Consciousness or Mind. This means that your experience of reality is but a reflection of your consciousness; and you have the power to affect change in that reflection through your mind power. Indeed, you create your experience of reality largely through your mental contents in the way of your thoughts, deeply ingrained beliefs and overall mindset; all in accordance with a set of Universal Laws that govern everything and everyone along unconscious lines.

If you are not consciously creating your life, then you have little advantage over a rock that is governed purely by the unconscious operations of the Universal Laws. Unlike a rock, however, you have the ability to become self-aware of your consciousness and mind power; and so, through your knowledge of the Universal Laws, to consciously and intentionally transform your life in the direction you choose. Ultimately, you have the greatest freedom of all that is the freedom of conscious choice through the power of your will. Do not let it go to waste!

  • Expand your consciousness, increase your awareness and gain deep insights into yourself.
  • Learn to use your mind power to consciously and intentionally create your life.
  • Learn the truth about reality creation, the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws.
  • Discover amazing facts about the true nature of reality from science and quantum physics.
  • Find peace of mind in the silence of meditation and access the wisdom of your higher self.
  • Transform your life, from your relationships to your health, no matter how impossible it may seem.
  • Learn the true meaning of success and what it means to be in balance.
  • Experience true transformation and personal growth beyond your expectations.

ATTENTION: Mind Your Reality DOES NOT promise instantaneous success, non-stop happiness, an overnight multi-millionaire bank account and the so-called perfect, challenge-free life (or any other such misguided claim) that does little more than throw you off track and keep you trapped in your unwanted circumstances. In fact, having all this alone would make life very boring and far less rewarding.

It is through greater awareness, personal growth and the application of Knowledge that you find your freedom; not by chasing some elusive promise of happiness down a worn-out path.


The essence of Mind Your Reality is best captured in its slogan:
Change the Invisible and the Visible Will Follow
Reality is in the Mind of the Beholder


My name is Tania Kotsos. I am the creator and author of Mind Your Reality. As far back as I can remember, I loved to unravel mysteries. I have been studying mind power and the true nature of reality for more than 15 years. In 2007, I decided to leave a successful career in investment banking behind me to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a private investigator of life's mysteries, specifically of the greatest mystery of all, the Mind. When you "know thyself" then "thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and of the Universe" (Temple of Apollo, Delphi ~ Greece).

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Mind Power Articles Reality Creation Articles Higher Self Articles Universal Laws Articles Success Secrets Articles Relationship Advice Articles Well-Being & Healing Articles Lessons from Science & Quantum Physics

Outlined below is a summary of this site's nine main categories, as found in the top-left navigation menu. Each contains a wealth of information.

Articles are added on a regular basis so make sure to visit the site often!

Mind Power: Learn the secrets of mind power and become the master of your destiny, starting now. Your mind is far more powerful than you have ever dared to imagine.

Reality Creation: Learn to consciously create a reality of your choice. If you can use your imagination, you can create your ideal reality through visualization.

Higher Self: Your higher self is your master key. Your intuition and all of your finest qualities belong to the invisible, spiritual world. It is your key that opens the door to the realm of miracles.

Universal Laws: The Universe exists in perfect harmony by virtue of Universal Laws which govern everything and everyone. The Law of attraction is just one of the great Laws of the Universe.

Personality Development: Your personality is but the mask you wear in the theatre of life. Under the direction of your higher self, endeavour to develop the highest qualities of personality.

Relationship Secrets: Everyone in your life is your mirror. Once you understand this you will see you have no enemies. The best relationship advice is to love yourself.

Health & Healing: Release from your mind anything you have been told is impossible or incurable and give yourself the right to live a life of perfect health. You have the ability to heal yourself.

Science Lessons: Amazing facts about reality creation from the world of quantum physics and science. The veil separating the scientific from the spiritual is being lifted.

Inspirational Quotes: A collection of inspirational quotes from Mind Your Reality articles as well as from some of the greatest thinkers, writers and spiritual texts of all time.


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Mind Power Articles Reality Creation Articles Higher Self Articles Universal Laws Articles Success Secrets Articles Relationship Advice Articles Well-Being & Healing Articles Lessons from Science & Quantum Physics

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